Have your book and eat it too

“Does your novel contain recipes?” I kept getting asked whenever I told somebody about what I was working on. “No” I would answer. But, after being asked the same question about 20 times, I clued in that I need to find a way to say “yes”. “This is something that […]

3 days till book launch




This foodie fiction novel tastes so good you will want to stick it in a pan and fry it.

5 days till book launch







My foody fiction novel is about to launch and here is the book trailer. Spoonful Chronicles is about to be mistaken for a roast. The confused cook roasts and is about to slice when the book declares its true identity. All ends well.

7 days till book launch

Foodie Fiction: Author dressed as carrot



















My foodie fiction is about to launch. I dress as a carrot to impersonate a vegetable reading the book. The giant carrot is deeply upset but what it reads.

8 days till book launch

Foodie Fiction: Mona Lisa Smile


























The secret behind the enigmatic smile is revealed. The Mona Lisa reads my foodie fiction novel and is transformed by the experience.

9 days till book launch









This foodie fiction is so good you will feel tempted to boil it like pasta.

Planned Surprise 2

Life is full of surprises my dear friend. Snow in March in Vancouver. The sun making a brief appearance after weeks and weeks of rain. Receiving a package in the mail to discover that an overseas friend sent you a gift for no reason at all–they simply felt like it. […]

Bird Dance :: CD review

The pure artist is a rare breed. If you are very very lucky you will get to meet one of those who create with purity of intention. Destiny has showered me with a deluge of good fortune, for I know, in person, several of these unique individuals. They are not […]

If The OA was a prequel to The Walking Dead

Spoilers Ahead! Don’t watch this video or read this blog post unless you have already watched The OA and The Walking Dead. The OA travels to another dimension. When she comes back she brings with her the disease that turns people into walkers. Which is why she doesn’t want anybody […]

The Secret Life of Trees 6

Contemplating trees and noticing how each one has an individual character leads me to uncover the secret life of trees.

Interview with Deborah Campbell Author of A Disappearance in Damascus

A story of friendship between two women. One Canadian, the other Iraqi. Both must find strength to deal with gigantic difficulties. This is the story of A Disappearance in Damascus. What I appreciated most about the book is the detailed portrayal of life of an Iraqi refugee in Syria around […]

Before Coffee


We were shopping for Halloween  costumes for the kids when I saw this frantic woman dummy screaming in a made up elevator shaft and I was touched with the depth of her anguish. I decided to video tape her and put her in this video.