Inspirational Books For Women 4

Where I dive into reading books by women for women and emerge with a handful of favorites. A list of inspirational books for women.

inspirational books for women

Humor in Writing

In an act of total tenacity, I nominated Spoonful Chronicles for Stephen Leacock Literary Prize for Humor. You can view all other nominees here: Seeing my name listed along side a Giller Prize winner and somebody else who participated in writing the Simpson’s show fills me with excited giddy […]

2017’s List of Favorites 1

The year is drawing to an end. It’s time to look back and review a few favorites. Favorite Read My favorite book I read this year is I, Who Did Not Die by Zahed Haftlang,‎ Najah Aboud and Meredith May. Two soldiers: One Iraqi, the other Iranian. They meet on […]

A Million Little Heartbreaks

To be a parent is to suffer an endless loop of little heartbreaks. The loop is punctuated with the occasional large heartbreak. They leave the womb. Heartbreak. Then they leave the crib. Heartbreak. After that they go to school. Heartbreak. They get sick. Heartbreak. Then if you did well and […]

The secret life of a pedestrian (traffic light animation) 2

As I am writing a novel inspired by traffic, I find myself starring at traffic signs and signals. I try to imagine what they are trying to tell us, beyond the obvious. Today, I give special attention to the pedestrian traffic light. I imagine what would it be like if the stick man in the traffic light started dancing. What would that be like. Here is my traffic light animation.

To create the traffic light animation, I video tapped a favorite pedestrian traffic light in my neighborhood and then I proceeded to animate the stick figure walking man in the traffic light. As I started this I thought animating a stick figure would be easy. Well! I was wrong. It is much harder than I expected.

The story is like this. I am walking in my neighborhood when I encounter a pedestrian traffic signal.

traffic light animation

I press it and wait for the walking man to appear to give me permission to cross the street. First, the hand indicating “stop” appears. And then the walking man.

Instead of walking he begins to dance for me. Music magically starts to play as well.

traffic light animation
traffic light animation
traffic light animation

What am I supposed to do? Dance along? Learn the choreography? Ignore him and cross the road anyway? What would you do in this situation?

What’s Next? 1

“What are you working on now?” I keep getting asked everywhere I go. Yes! There is a new novel in the works. The new one is about traffic. Yes! Traffic. The way Spoonful Chronicles is about food. The new novel is about traffic. I am interested in how we interact […]

Book Club Questions For Spoonful Chronicles

A dear reader has asked me to provide a list of questions for her book club which is reading Spoonful Chronicles. The questions below contain mild spoilers and are intended for those who have read the novel already. If you haven’t read Spoonful Chronicles yet, please click away and return […]

All About You (survey)

Gather around. We are sitting next to a campfire. S’mores are being roasted in the fire. The hot chocolate just arrived. It’s time for you to tell me about yourself. The evening is just about to get magical. I created this survey. I would like to learn a little about […]

Spoonful Chronicles is shortlisted for the Whistler Independent Book Awards

I am in complete shock! A happy shock. Spoonful chronicles has been shortlisted for the Whistler Independent Book Awards. Here is the list of nominees. Annie Daylon for Of Sea and Sand: The Kerrigan Chronicles, Book 1 Elen Ghulam for Spoonful Chronicles Emma L.R. Hogg for The Fourth Wall R.L. […]

The Life Changing Magic of Giving Stuff Away for Free 3

It all started last November. I decided to take my first book, turn it to an ebook and give it away for free to encourage people to sign up to my mailing list. Immediately, I felt this jolt of happiness running through my body. Yes! I was happy that my […]

Losing My Father In Law 8

I have been walking around with a lump in my stomach. My father-in-law, my husband’s father, Ali Radwan Hassan has passed away two weeks ago. At age 82, in the town of Mash-had located outside of Nazareth in Israel. There were health problems, so I can’t say that this event […]

Have your book and eat it too

“Does your novel contain recipes?” I kept getting asked whenever I told somebody about what I was working on. “No” I would answer. But, after being asked the same question about 20 times, I clued in that I need to find a way to say “yes”. “This is something that […]

Rocket Launch Drawing

Rocket Launch Drawing

Today my novel, Spoonful Chronicles, gets launched into the world. It is finally live. Here is the rocket launch drawing I created for this occasion. More details here:

Rocket Launch Drawing

For this auspicious day I decided to create a rocket launch drawing. Something that makes Spoonful Chronicles seem like a rocket that is about travel to out space with myself saluting the effort in a military style. I was inspired by a bunch of famous movie rocket launch. That moment when somebody says: “ladies and gentlemen, we have a lift off.” Always feel special.

Movies on this list would be:

Today, all those scenes are colliding into each other in my chest.

If you are wondering how to create a rocket launch drawing for a book. It’s easy. All I had to do is take an image of my kitchen totally empty.

empty kitchen

Then I took another photo with the book raised on top of a tall jar.

book on a jar

In my image editing software I layer the image with the book on top of empty kitchen. Then I erase the jar making it seem as if the book is floating in the air.

Finally, I added hand drawing to make the book look like a rocket getting launched into outer space.

And there you have it, a rocket launch drawing.

I hope you enjoy reading my novel.

Six Creative Ways To Dance In The Kitchen

Conventional wisdom dictates that the kitchen is for preparing meals, today we shall flip this concept on it’s head by discovering multitude of creative ideas to dance in the kitchen.

dancing in the kitchen

A giant piece of Bacon reading Spoonful Chronicles: A novel about food

Bacon Costume

My fascination with Lady Gaga’s meat dress aside. Here I am, in a giant bacon costume, pretending to be a piece of bacon reading Spoonful Chronicles-a novel inspired by food. How would bacon review this book?

A giant piece of bacon costume reading Spoonful Chronicles: A novel about food

I am the kind of food that food lovers love. I mean who doesn’t like bacon? Everybody loves me. Because I am the so delicious. And then I read Spoonful Chronicles. I was in shock for days. The way bacon is treated is treated in the story is many shades of wrong. Imagine meeting a character that doesn’t eat pork. Immediately I hate this woman. I don’t care what happens to her. Her struggle just doesn’t matter to me any more. Why would I care about somebody who doesn’t care about me? All that drama, all that action is wasted on the wrong person. Yes the novel is well written. Yes, it’s funny. Sure tons of interesting things happen in the story. But where is the bacon? No Bacon, me no likey. In short, don’t waste your time reading this brilliant baconless book.

So what do you think this bacon costume book review? Do you agree with it.

Cracked Eggs

I was contemplating the expression “You crack me up” to mean you make me laugh so hard that I am destroyed by it. How we have a facade and that can be penetrated using humor. I used plenty of humor in the novel Spoonful Chronicles even though it deals with a serious subject matter. I have always found, in life, if you can make somebody laugh you have a better chance of getting them to listen to you as well. So here are cracked eggs. I painted a face on each one. The eggs don’t look so happy. They seem alarmed by the demise of their colleague. O the horror.

Cracked Eggs

Warning! This novel with recipes will crack you up.

I laughed lots while writing Spoonful Chronicles. In hind sight, I can see now that I was cracking my self up. Like the cracked eggs in the photo. I laughed and laughed and then there was the “Oh no” moment. A moment of painful self realization. I thought I was telling a joke, but the joke was really on me. There have been so many unexpected results of writing Spoonful Chronicles. Never in my dreams would I have imagined that I would write a light hearted novel about food and find myself traversing such dark places.

Life is full of surprises. You never know what you will encounter right around the corner.

To all the readers of Spoonful Chronicles, you have been warned. These cracked eggs can attest.

One minute you are laughing and next you discover that you have become an omelette.

my favorite food is sushi

My favorite food is sushi

In praise of a most delectable dish allow me to numerate all the reasons that make me say: “my favorite food is sushi.

Carrot Costume

My novel with recipes is about to launch. I dress in a carrot costume to impersonate a vegetable reading the book. I also wore orange pants, orange shoes and orange shirt. Read my poem on color orange for details on my fascination with the color. The giant carrot is deeply upset but what it reads.

carrot costume

So I tried to impersonate a carrot and imagine what this carrot would think of reading the novel Spoonful Chronicles. I think a carrot (or author in a carrot costume) would be deeply disturbed by this novel.

Number one, it’s not the most important vegetable in the book. Every carrot knows it’s the most important vegetable in the world. Why is there a cauliflower on the cover? This is just wrong on so many levels.

Number two, the stories in the book seem to glorify vegetable genocide. Cauliflowers, cucumbers and tomatoes are consumed left, right and center. This is an atrocity. A sensitive delicate vegetable like a carrot can’t handle such realization.

Number three, why did the author waste so much of her time writing a novel inspired by food when she could have spent the time in her garden planting carrots.

This novel is awful, disgusting, ugly and a waste of time. That is the final review of the giant carrot (aka Elen dressed in a carrot costume)

carrot costume

rodicio ad cauliflower

Book cover recreated in rodicio and cauliflower

So I had this rodicio in the fridge. All rodicio vegetable is red purple lettuce. It is bitter in taste. I enjoy using it as garnish for when I have a big party. So I had this cute idea to use rodicio to recreate the book cover for my novel Spoonful Chronicles. Here it is.

rodicio ad cauliflower

It is interesting how delighting this experience was. Something so easy and simple. And yet it brought me so much pleasure. Who knew that you could have so much fun from a simple humble lettuce. I purchased a vegetable to use as garnish for a dinner party. And it ended up affording me a bit of play time. Life is full of surprises. You never know what you gonna get.

Planned Surprise 2

Life is full of surprises my dear friend. Snow in March in Vancouver. The sun making a brief appearance after weeks and weeks of rain. Receiving a package in the mail to discover that an overseas friend sent you a gift for no reason at all–they simply felt like it. […]