To Lure a Hedgehog 3

To be an Arab living in the west is to be sentenced to a lifetime of caressing a hedgehog. I get pricked by spines of misunderstanding. No matter what I say it gets twisted into an extreme. I shoot a nurf gun, the slightest touch startles , out come the […]

Book of Love :: Music Video

The book of love is long and boring Read from the book of love you must Music and Vocals by Barbara Browning http://soundcloud.com/barbarabrowning Cover of Stephin Merritt’s song by the same name

Book Review :: Correspondence Artist 1

A novel that wants to make love to the whole world. A novel that reveals its secrets in quiet whispers that will make your ears strain against the page. A novel that has no plot yet tells a story. A novel that repeats the same scenario, over and over, but […]

correspondence artist by barbara browning

broken tree

Increase me in Knowledge 1

“Write what you know” I heard it said before. Hmmmm! …… I disagree. At age 19, I immigrated from the middle-east and found myself in an in-between state. Wet from the all immersive experience of being deeply embedded in a culture; dry as a cracker observing new set of social […]

In the Cave 1

It is such a dense burden – giving birth to a grown up woman. To spare polite society the affliction of observing this most unnatural of labors I feel compelled to retreat into a remote cave in the wilderness where I entered one day and got lost in labyrinth unable […]

Artistic Correspondence

I receive all sorts of things: Gifts, books, poems, death treats, lovely emails and pictures of all sorts. Today, however I received something I have never received before – A painting of myself. The artist’s name is Falah Hassan, he lives in Irbil Iraq where he teaches fine arts. Unfortunately, […]

ihath by Falah Hassan

Kusama Under my Skin

felt pen on paper I was researching polka dots on the internet when I discovered a Japanese artist called Yayoi Kusama, who is obsessed with polka dots. My research moved from the internet to the public library and I managed to find a few books and event a movie made […]

Let there be Color 1

The above is my first stop motion video. I had no idea what I was doing while working on it, but I certainly learned lots through the experience. The story is of black and plain shoes all moving around in a regimented manner, until colorful shoes invade the space and […]

tree bark

The Golden Mean : A book Review

It starts out with Aristotle taking notes on his wife’s genitals as part of his study of nature and how things work. My thoughts are “O I hope I find the strength to spend the next 300 pages with this man.” I was reading The Golden Mean by Annabel Lyon. […]

Book Review: Excuse me! Your sun is in my shadow. 1

It all started with an email. My friend Barry Jakel asked me if would like to come to his book launch party. What book? When? Where? What is the book about? Why didn’t you tell me that you were writing a book? 100 questions swirled inside my head. Instead of […]

book singning

Without Vices 1

  I hate and loathe self-help books. I am embarrassed to confess that I read The Secret because many of my friends insisted that I must read it and found it to be a bunch of gobbledygook. The summery of its essence is that I should spend my time fantasizing […]

Anti – self-help, de motivational book 5

At this point, I became qualified to write the anti-self-help book. A de-motivational manifesto to show the masses an easy to follow program on how to fail in everything. How to alienate your friends in 30 days, ruin your career, annoy your family, bust up your marriage, gain weight and […]

Coffee cup with heart shape in foam

I’m too sexy for my shirt and hat 1

Do you know the Right Said Fred song called I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt? Have you ever had a moment when you felt like you belonged inside that song? Do you know the Right Said Fred song called I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt? Have you ever had a moment when you felt like you belonged inside that song?