A Million Little Heartbreaks

To be a parent is to suffer an endless loop of little heartbreaks. The loop is punctuated with the occasional large heartbreak. They leave the womb. Heartbreak. Then they leave the crib. Heartbreak. After that they go to school. Heartbreak. They get sick. Heartbreak. Then if you did well and […]

The secret life of a pedestrian (traffic light animation) 2

As I am writing a novel inspired by traffic, I find myself starring at traffic signs and signals. I try to imagine what they are trying to tell us, beyond the obvious. Today, I give special attention to the pedestrian traffic light. I imagine what would it be like if the stick man in the traffic light started dancing. What would that be like. Here is my traffic light animation.

To create the traffic light animation, I video tapped a favorite pedestrian traffic light in my neighborhood and then I proceeded to animate the stick figure walking man in the traffic light. As I started this I thought animating a stick figure would be easy. Well! I was wrong. It is much harder than I expected.

The story is like this. I am walking in my neighborhood when I encounter a pedestrian traffic signal.

traffic light animation

I press it and wait for the walking man to appear to give me permission to cross the street. First, the hand indicating “stop” appears. And then the walking man.

Instead of walking he begins to dance for me. Music magically starts to play as well.

traffic light animation
traffic light animation
traffic light animation

What am I supposed to do? Dance along? Learn the choreography? Ignore him and cross the road anyway? What would you do in this situation?

All About You (survey)

Gather around. We are sitting next to a campfire. S’mores are being roasted in the fire. The hot chocolate just arrived. It’s time for you to tell me about yourself. The evening is just about to get magical. I created this survey. I would like to learn a little about […]

Losing My Father In Law 8

I have been walking around with a lump in my stomach. My father-in-law, my husband’s father, Ali Radwan Hassan has passed away two weeks ago. At age 82, in the town of Mash-had located outside of Nazareth in Israel. There were health problems, so I can’t say that this event […]

Coffee cup with heart shape in foam

I Love Coffee Meme Video

We were shopping for Halloween costumes for the kids when I saw this frantic woman dummy screaming in a made up elevator shaft and I was touched with the depth of her anguish. I decided to video tape her and put her in this coffee meme 12 seconds video.

I love coffee. Love it to bits. Everyday I wake up and look forwards to my first cup of it. I probably should write a poem about it. Puts a smile on my face every single time. The smell of coffee makes me want to dance. What’s not to like about coffee? It smells fantastic. It tastes good. It gives me a buzz. Elevates my mood. Contains zero calories. Love the color of it once I add a bit of milk. Coffee is my best friend in the world. If I don’t have any coffee at all then I am miserable mess. I become cranky. You don’t want to be around me in that state. And so I decided to make a “before coffee” and “after coffee” meme. Miserable screaming monster is turned into a happy delightful singing to the birds Snow White.

Do you have a favorite coffee meme? If yes, please share it with me.

coffee meme

The Tree of Ignorance is Beautiful

You can read the full text of the narration here. This video was an experimentation in using the compositing feature in my video editing tool. I can see that this will come in handy in future videos There is this tree in the park where I frequently take a walk. […]

The Champion

The Champion is a short documentary about an Iraqi boxing athlete who creates a new life for himself in the US. The 18 minute film is featured on www.shortoftheweek.com and you can watch it here. The movie revolves around Estaifan Shilaita – A man who radiates charisma and positivity, you […]

Ignorance Is Bliss 1

Experts, self help gurus and advice peddlers … they are selling us conflicting things. In the end nobody knows anything. Ignorance is bliss.

Pillars of Light (Book Review) 2

A seriously good novel. Serious because it clearly was well researched down to most meticulous details. Good because it retains the intimacy of what treads through the human heart. Akka or Acre is under siege by the christian crusaders. On one hand you have the residents of the beleaguered city […]

Towards 2016

After drinking a cup of hot chocolate last night, I found this at the bottom of it. I predict a 2016 full of love. I wish you all a year where you find yourself busy doing what you adore, surround by people your heart delights in their company. I hope […]

Book Review :: My Brilliant Friend

My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante left me desiring. New shoes I wanted. Forth I sprung like a warrior with a credit card on a mission to find matching footwear for a story. For how could you write a novel that involves shoe making yet not describe the shoes. What […]

Book Review :: Eyrie

Words explode into the air, leaving behind velocity rings worthy of your favorite Pikachu. The force of the acrobatics is contradicted with gentility of the landing. Soft as a feather. Soft is the feather of these words. Soft and cuddly, I want caress the sentences. I reread lines and luxuriate […]

North and South :: Book Review

Every once in a while I read something that is so good it makes my heart pound with excitement. I find myself resisting the urge to stand on top of a roof top and yell “This Novel is Amazing, Read it Right Now”. In 2014, I read many good books, […]