The Hummus Chronicles

Yesterday. My husband and I were drinking our morning coffee exchanging a conversation of sweet nothing. There was that easy relaxed feeling hanging in the air when my husband told me: Yesterday I was in a meeting and one of my colleges said: I have travelled all over the middle-east […]


ihath makes baba ganoush 3

—————— 1 large egg plant4 table spoons on tahini saucejuice of two lemons1 clove of garlic1 table spoon of extra virgin olive oilpinch of saltpinch of paprika —— For decoration and garnishchopped parsley2 table spoons of extra virgin olive oilsumac5 olivesorange pepper, sliced thin ——- DirectionsRoast the eggplant in the […]

ihath makes Humus 8

Soak 2 cups of dried chickpeas in cold water over night.The next day, boil the chickpeas for about 1 hour or until they can be squished between two fingers.Drain the chickpeas of water.Freeze half to use to make humus two weeks later, because that is how ofter you should be […]

The edible software 7

   In the computer biz, people will frequently describe software as being usable, or being user friendly. That is like presenting me with a dish and telling me that the food is edible. I am glad that the food is edible, but I expect so much more from food. I […]

Losing Weight 1

I myself hoped that Adnan Pachachi would be the next Iraqi president. Anybody whose last name is that of an Iraqi national dish has to be ok. Pacha is a slowly cooked combination of sheep’s head, stomach, feet and other variety of meats in broth. It might sound disgusting to […]