ihath dances at La Zuppa Cafe 4

Here is a clip from a Flamenco performance at La Zuppa Cafe (1544 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver). If you go to La Zuppa make sure to try the paella – absolutly fantastic. I am the one dancing in the black dress.

Flamenco Show,June 23, Vancouver Playhouse 2

Flamenco is the music that combines influences from east and west to produce something uniquely beautiful. Come capture the raw passion of Flamenco and get to see ihath perform. 8 pm Flamenco Student Recital June 23 – Saturday Vancouver Play House (located on the southeast corner of Hamilton and Dunsmuir […]

ihath feels envy at the Vancouver Orpheum

Last night I went to see: Paco Peña Flamenco Company Accompanied by the Vancouver Chamber Choir Requiem Flamenco In Praise of the Earth April 6th,2007 At the Orpheum Theater in Vancouver ———————————— Paco Peña is a famous flamenco guitarist from Spain. Given my fondness of Flamenco I couldn’t pass on […]

Christmas Dancing

For our office Christmas party with the place where I work, I choreographed a little belly dancing routine which I then taught to some of my co-workers. And we performed it at the party for the rest of our co-workers. Keep in mind that most of the group has no […]