Cauliflower :: Storytelling 2

Me at the Vancouver Story Slam, an event that takes place once a month at the cottage bistro. Here is an experiment is combining dance with storytelling. Don’t know if I found the winning combination, but I will keep searching. The story is inspired by Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. Kafka’s story […]

Bird Dance :: CD review

The pure artist is a rare breed. If you are very very lucky you will get to meet one of those who create with purity of intention. Destiny has showered me with a deluge of good fortune, for I know, in person, several of these unique individuals. They are not […]

How I became a writer :: Flamenco Dance Story

You can read a longer written down version of the story here. This is my second foray into combining dance with storytelling. The last video focused on hand movements. This one is all about the feet. It was fun thinking up fun locations to film the walking sequences in. Which […]

Kiss by Prince from Purple Rain in a flamenco dance

In rehearsal. Here we are practicing our routine few days before the show. I will always remember how happy I was when I danced to this. Choreography by Kasandra La China Dancers: Kasandra La China Andrea Williams Gina Holliday Cyrena Huang Kelty McKerracher Kara Miranda Elen Ghulam

Story of a Fish :: Flamenco Dance Story 3

I signed up to participate in the Vancouver Story Slam on March 8th. I took a story from my novel Graffiti Hack and worked on it to shorten it so that it would fit in the 5 minute time limit. My novel is a story that has several stories within […]

Every Dance Tells a Story

A few saw the above performance and commented that they felt I was telling a story. Glad my state of narration bleeds though. Some stories are too private. Dance is perfect for those paths where words don’t dare tread. A sentiment can be made of charmeuse wings of a butterfly. […]

Vancouver Women of Flamenco

My childhood and youth has been blessed with brilliant role models. Starting with my father, managers that I was lucky to work with at the beginning of my career and political activist whose intellectual sharpness influenced my thinking. Each one of these men demonstrated to me patterns of behavior that […]

Where does furious dancing come from? 3

“Hard times require furious dancing” so wrote Alice Walker. Flamenco fits this purpose the way chocolate chips melt into discovering the meaning of life inside a banana bread pudding. And so, I danced and danced and danced. Feet stomping, finger snaping, hands windmil swirving, gusto all abound. What happens when […]

I Want to be Purple Dance

I Want to Be Purple :: The Song

Shortly after I finished formatting Graffiti Hack, a poem popped into my head inspired by the crazy writing process. Next thing I know I was turning it into a song and creating a choreography for it. The novel is a gift that continues giving in most unexpected ways. I am […]

toothless smile

The Nasty Voice inside my head 4

There is a vicious voice inside my head, that says the most horrid things. Most of the time, its triads are aimed at me. I call her my inner critic. “You are stupid, worthless, a failure”, the inner critic repeats in an endless cycle, over and over again. Like a […]

Flamingo vs. flamenco debate rages 2

One of my biggest pet peeves as a flamenco dancer is that every once in a while I get called the F word. Flamingo. Yes, I know, shocking but true. For some reason people get confused between the two. Flamenco, flamingo, flamenco flamingo. One is a pink bird that stands […]

blue mattress and a red carpet

Storytelling: Stage Fright 3

A story of flamenco and religion. The story starts on diner in downtown vancouver. As ihath plunges down the rabbit hole, she discovers a fantastical world of colorful dresses, garish earings and stomping feet. Alas, can she find a magic potion which will allow her to join the garden of splendor?


Stage Fright 1

“I have the best religion, in the world” I declared to a group of friends. We were sitting around a table at the Templeton , a diner nestled among the cinemas, sex shops, and XXX video stores along the seedy side of Granville Street in downtown Vancouver. “Would you like […]

ihath dances at La Zuppa Cafe 4

Here is a clip from a Flamenco performance at La Zuppa Cafe (1544 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver). If you go to La Zuppa make sure to try the paella – absolutly fantastic. I am the one dancing in the black dress.