Poem on Discipline

A Poem on Discipline

A whimsical doodle poem on discipline where I examine what I thought of the word across a few decades. Experience collides with the errors of my ways.

Graffiti Hack Enters the World with a Gentle Flutter 4

With rumbling floods of joy and cracking firestorm of anxiety, I present to you my first novel Graffiti Hack, for sale. About Graffiti Hack: Nelly divides her workdays into two chunks: before lunch, she hacks into high-profile websites to install lavish graphical designs-her own brand of digital graffiti; and after […]

Mother Graffiti by Thrashbird

The Naked Reader

When a form of bookish stage fright hits an author she devises a unique solution. But will the readers cooperate? Imagining a naked reader to help the author write.

moss on a tree

How not to Write a Book

The victory was the beginning of the defeat. I look back at the way I wrote my first book and shake my head with disbelief. Ridicules, stupiduficuleos, Moroniclitionliouse. Superclumsyfitxlilioucious. Should I burn with the fire shame ? Or drench myself with the more comforting waters of laughter. Water and fire […]

Most Eloquent of Funny Insults 5

Reading a chapter from my novel Graffiti Hack – a story about the east-west cultural clash told through the viral language of the internet.   A Little more about the novel Inspired by her country of origin, Nelly creates a font where each letter is shaped out of a peacock’s […]

angry woman drawing

Fictional Thank You

Special Note: Writing non-fiction has become too painful. I will write mostly fiction from now on. The following is fictional; all characters were made up in my imagination. Any similarity to people is accidental. Doug had been checking his email every 5 minutes all day. The anticipation was hitting him […]

ICD-9-CM Diagnosis 338

My uncle in Baghdad thinks that I have become too western.I live three blocks away from my parents, instead of living together in one big house.My friends in Vancouver think that it is weird that I enjoy hanging out with my parents as much as I do. Strong family ties […]