My artistic adventures

Embracing The Heavens :: Art for Music

I was deeply honored to be asked by the talented JoJo Zawawi to create artwork for her upcoming CD titled Embracing The Heavens. My goal was to create a heavens that wants to be embraced – a sky that says “come and grab me”. Here is the paintings at different […]

I Love You Graffiti

Found this in the Confessions section of the of the Georgia Straight yesterday. Found it strangely moving. I wish I had pictures of the I Love You graffiti that it refers to.  

elephant in the room

Anonymous is the new Famous 4

I am currently writing a novel which mentions the British graffiti artist Banksy. I had some familiarity with his work, but since his art work is used as a contrast point for my main character at an important junction in the plot, I decided to do as much research as […]

Everything old is new

“I will not paint a vase of flowers” I declared to myself when I started painting. Everybody and his dog paints the vase of flowers and then when they want a change they paint potted flowers. How boring. Each time I went into an art gallery and saw flowers painted […]