About Elen



My name is Elen. After working  as a computer programmer for 18 years, telling stories to silicon chips became too easy and so I turned to amusing humans. My books are mostly women fiction with a humorous bent.   In addition to writing, I am a flamenco dancer, I enjoy painting and I love to cook. Somehow all these activities inspire each other. I am an Iraqi-Canadian living in Vancouver, B.C.



My goal is to write novels that turn into living experiences. For example: Spoonful Chronicles comes with a mailing list where the reader can sign up to receive recipes of the dishes mentioned in the novel. Only Spoonful Recipes is more than just recipes. The reader gets a video of the author preparing the dish with an explanation of why it’s significant to the novel, plus a story of how the recipe came about. You get to see me fail sometimes and succeed other times. 11 emails over 10 weeks. You can just read the book. Or you can read the book and eat it too.

However that is only a start. My goal is to find a way to involve the reader in writing future novels by showing the creative process as it happens receiving input before anything is written. I am not sure exactly how this will work, but I have a few ideas that I am in the process of trying out.