Love letter to 2023 3

My dearest 2023, 

It has been a little over a week now since we first laid eyes on each other, and already you have set my heart aflutter with the gossamer wings of your captivating promise.  

As we enter this new partnership, my shiny new 2023, I am filled with excitement and joy at the thought of all the memories we will make and all the moments we will share. I detect a twinkle in your eyes that is telling me you have a plot twist in mind for me. Don’t worry! I shall not attempt to sweet talk you into divulging your secrets. I embrace the mystery. More than that, I savor it. Reveal all your seductive surprises when you are good and ready. Although predictability is the corner stone of comfort. That is not the basis of our entanglement. Already you have thrown me into the thrill of a fresh new job hunt. I wasn’t expecting that. Now I am agog with the tingling sensation of all the possibilities. I shall not soil this correspondence with anything as predictable as a list of New Year’s resolutions. Our special partnership requires a fresh new outlook. Let us throw tired old habits to the wind and instead embrace the unpredictable tango dance we will create together to the song of the universe. 

I feel sure footed as I enter your embrace. For you are exactly the right year for me. Your imperfect asymmetry of your digits puts a smile on my face. The initial two is pointing to our duality. The big round circle that follows is an eye winking at me. Then you give me an indication that you refuse to conform to what came before. You might seem at odds to others. To me, you are perfect as you are. Don’t change a thing. Keep that crocked toothy smile shining in my direction. Ignore all who compare you with other years. Some are stuck in the past. Others are projecting themself into the future on a rocket. You and I, we are dressed to the nines with nowhere to go but gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes. No better fate than this presence.  

Don’t listen to yesteryears as they describe the Elen they met. Yes, the kickboxing match with 2009, although greatly exaggerated, is true. That tale of a tiff between miss 2012 and myself is highly entertaining, but doesn’t consider my side of the story. I am at perfect ease with who it is I present myself to you. I have nothing to hide and no desire to dwell on matters that are done and dusted. I am strong yet open. I have learned from my past and yet I look ahead with novices’ enthusiasm. I am exactly the right person for you. I welcome the contradiction of this thing called life on earth. Eager for more. 

So grab me by the waist already, intertwine you fingers with mine. The beat isn’t gonna wait. 

With all of my heart and soul, Elen 

love letter to 2023

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