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2 thoughts on “How to build a woman from scratch

  • AGA

    Interesting, dear Ihath, as you always are. I know this has been done before, but I would counsel, had I been asked, that you start with a rib if you were to fashion a woman. Then set her free, to view the garden, to make decisions and recommendations, and together be your peril.

    Who am I kidding? I have been with the same woman for, well let me see, 42 years. Married to her for nearly 38 years. Yes, she’s dazzling, fierce, and my best friend, but she’s more than that. We are now old, wrinkled, 60 plus (but not much more) years of age (and you will be too, Lord willing LOL). Its a roller coaster, fun for some, fear for others, and both for those who stay on the ride and actually embrace the experience.

    Woman, like I even know the true nature of the beast. I surely don’t, but I prefer being lost together with her than alone.

    PS The fact that you are resorting to pictures is sad commentary on your readership, of which I am, albeit sporadic to put it mildly.

  • Elen Ghulam Post author

    Hello AGA,
    ihath is resorting to pictures? Have you ever seen such an oddity? Something must be brewing. As if a green potential is crowning against the edge of reality. I can’t put my finger on the direct source of this pulsating. Nevertheless, gather around my friend it’s bound to be of interest.