How to Dance with Paper Streamers

I set myself a dance challenge. Dance with paper streamers. Without knowing ahead of time what will come out. I filmed myself for hours. In the end, I take the interesting bits and place them in a video. Watch what happened.

Since paper streamers are fragile and dancing is a rugged activity you need to fortify one paper streamer with another. Buy two paper streamers in contrasting colors and fold them over each other to create a complicated looking shape. The end product will look like a slithering snake that wants to dance with you. Since this activity is lengthy and boring it is conducive to meditative pursuits. Listen to the sound of paper crackling between your fingers. There is a special pleasure inside of it.

Sit demurely on a chair allow your thoughts to flow. You will be surprised by the stuff that flows inside your head. Memories and emotions. Some lovely others horrific. If you do this long enough you will discover that you are having thoughts about thought. Like you are no longer the thinker but the presence that is observing the mechanics of it. Once you reach that state, you are ready to get up and dance.

What a tangle web I weave when I prepare to achieve.

Dance as you think thoughts that make you feel lonely.

Dance as you think thoughts that make you feel unloved.

Dance as you think thoughts that make you feel abundant

Dance as if your life is full of all that you desire.

Notice how difficult it is to untangle this web. One strand is attached to another. How flimsy it all is.

Which strands block the connection?

I notice a pattern of seeing things as either black or white. My perceived sense of control is a work of art. Is there elegance to this display?

With enough practice you will take hold of your thoughts and emotions. One day all shall yield to your advantage.

Keep on dancing until you believe.

In that there is a majestic relief.

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