What is the best farewell gift for a colleague?

I have worked in offices in three continents. Upon leaving a work place I have received many thoughtful farewell gifts from colleagues which I have loved and appreciated. I have received:

  • pen
  • mug
  • baked goods
  • t-shirt
  • candle
  • exercise equipment
  • art supplies
  • plant
  • flowers

All of it is dearly loved and appreciated. However there are certain farewell gifts that stick out. Ones that have deeply touched me. Here are two most memorable, most fantastic farewell gifts that I have received in my professional career.

Favorite Farewell Gift #1

In April 2007, I changed jobs. I was surprised by the show of affection that I got from my co-workers. Among the gifts, cards, will wishes and sweet emails. I also received a huge painting that my coworkers participated in painting for me. Knowing of my interest in painting and arts, they got a canvas and each one painted something on it for me. I was touched. This is the best parting gift I got from co-workers ever.

farewell gift

The details that went into the painting is most astounding. For example, one person looked up how to write a special message in Arabic. This is somebody who doesn’t speak the language. Another person drew a flamenco dancer because of my interest in flamenco dance. On and on. Receiving this farewell gift brought tears to my eyes.

An antique book with special significance

The second farewell gift from a work colleague hails from my time living in Scotland. A very thoughtful person gave an antique book of prose by Roby Burns, published in 1819. It contains beautifully executed engraving. This books is a true work of art that I delight in owning.

farewell gift
farewell gift

Have you received a memorable farewell gift from a work place or a colleague? If yes, please let me know about it in the comment section below.

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