Why a book is the best gift to give

The festive season is upon us. A book is the best gift to give in the world. Instead of spending your money on the predictable stuff, you can give a great creative unique gift that won’t break the bank. May I recommend Spoonful Chronicles. A heart warming novel that comes with recipes. It tells the story of a woman on a quest to discover the key to her destiny by remembering everything she has ever eaten. It’s chock full of humor. Honestly, I write to make myself happy. I will delight anyone on your gift giving list.

why is a book the best gift

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Another idea that would make a great gift for this time of the year is The Adventures of Frakash in the Land of the Geekmeisters. A charming story that is hand illustrated. This is a picture book for grownups that will make anybody you give it to marvel at your thoughtfulness. When I wrote it, I was inspired by The Christmas Carol. My goal was to capture that festive happy cheer feeling in a non denominational story suitable for anybody anywhere in the world.

a book is the best gift in the world

Buy it as a paperback in the following locations:

Let us examine the question: “Why a book is the best gift in the world?

Books are calorie free, gluten free, vegan friendly and halal to consume. They are suitable for any taste and life style. Almost anybody can consume a book.

Books are affordable. You can spend a thousand dollars on the latest electronic gadget or twenty dollars on a book. Which is better on your wallet?

Books are timeless. A great novel never goes out of style. Fashion, cars, furniture and electronics all grow obsolete with time. A book is like a miracle permanent fresh flower. Fresh today, still fresh and trendy one hundred years from now.

A book can send your friend on an adventure to explore faraway countries, places and realities. Or they can help your friend gain insight into everyday realities closer to home. A great novel can achieve both in one instant. So you can spend a fortune and go through great effort travelling around the world, or can read a great selection of books to achieve the same results.

Giving a gift of a book makes you seem like a super thoughtful person.

A good book can make you feel all the feelings your heart is capable of. Happiness, sadness, sympathy, wonder, horror and exhilaration. No other gift can possibly achieve that.

A book can be your best and most loyal friend.

Through books you can meet and exchange ideas with the best and most brilliant minds in the whole world.

After your friend reads the book they might have a thoughtful deep discussion with you about it which might lead to a closer friendship.

Books bring us together. In a fractured world, books have the power to help us understand different points of view. They lead us to contemplate realities outside of our daily life.

You don’t need to take care of a book, feed it or entertain it. You can always leave a book on a shelve. It will wait there patiently for you until you are ready to open it again. Try doing the same with a spouse. Won’t work.

Books are portable. You can take them with you anywhere and everywhere. Airplane or a restaurant, a book is always welcome.

Can you think of further reasons why a book is the best gift to give in the world? If yes, please let me know in the comment section below.

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