The Life Changing Magic of Two Inch Heels

Should I wear beautiful shoes or comfortable shoes? What if I told you didn’t have to choose. Two inch block heels are here for the rescue.

red shoe blue shoe ala The Matrix

It was during my 60 days of dressing well challenge that I came upon the two inch heels. I have always struggled with the choice. Should I wear beautiful shoes that hurt my feet? Or should I wear comfy shoes that look ugly? Somehow neither felt satisfactory.

It was only when I purchased black ankle boots with two inch block heels that I my life was transformed. I can be both elegant and comfortable? Who knew? I didn’t have to choose at all. I can have the best of both worlds. I loved the ankle boots so much that I then graduated to two inch block heel sling backs and two inch block heel sandals. Today these are the shoes I wear most of the time. Since they are in neutral colors, they go with almost everything in my closet.

Two Inch block heels

I still wear high heels on occasions when I am gonna be mostly sitting. I do wear runners when I am exercising or when I am planning to be on my feet the whole day. But for casual strolls, it is the two inch block heel that is my best friend.

Here I am wearing the two inch block heel sling backs. As you can see they go with the look. I still get a bit a elevation but my feet are spared the torture. Let the happiness flow.

“People say I’m wearing heels because I’m short. I wear heels because women like em.”


I suspect the two inch heel in women’s shoes is inspired by the Cuban heel in men’s wear.

The Cuban heel is chunky. Wider at the top than the bottom and of moderate height. It is distinguished by a tapered back and a straight front. Originally worn by the horsemen of Latin America. The Cuban heel kept the horseman’s foot in the stirrups, it’s angled shape prevented it from sliding. In modern fashion the relationship between the Cuban heel and men is less straight forward. For some it symbolizes sexiness. For others, it’s a clear sign of height inadequacy.

Talking about men in Cuban heels brings back the image of John Travolta in the movie Saturday Night Fever. Setting the dance floor on fire. Wearing a white suit, rocking black Cuban heel ankle boots. And who doesn’t want to be inspired by that?

John Travolta wearing black cuban heel ankle boots. From Saturday Night Fever.

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