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Earlier this year, I had a birthday celebration in my house. Once again I revived the turning my living room to a disco idea. I set up a bunch of balloons at random spots. Some of us got inspired and did a spontaneous dance with balloons that was all joy and creativity. Inspired by that night, I decided to recreate that feeling by giving myself a challenge: Come up with the most fun and creative way to dance with balloons. Here is what I came up with.

Watch this video first, then read the rest of the blog post.

Now, I place the dance with balloons challenge in your hands. Would love to see what you would come up. Here is a comprehensive step by step guide to help you out. I defy you to try this with without a mountain load of joy descending on your head.

Blowup A Bunch of Balloons

blow up balloons

I purchased pink and purple balloons. I also got a plastic manual balloon pump. Both things came from a local dollar store. Spread the balloons all over the floor.

Throw in the air

throw balloon in the air

Play some favorite music. Preferably something that inspires you to dance. At first you will feel awkward so start small. Pick up one balloon and throw it in the air. Enjoy watching it hovering around before it lands on the floor. For some reason, this activity is very satisfying. Pick up one balloon, then another and another. Do a little competition with yourself to see how many balloons you can keep in the air at one time. It feels a bit like juggling. Only when you dance with balloons gravity is not apposing you as much. So take advantage of the situation.

Kick a balloon

You should feel more confident by this step. Start using your feet to kick up a balloon. I know that each balloon looks fragile. You might feel a bit guilty about bruising it’s ego. But you will be surprised how sturdy a balloon is. It can take a beating and keep on floating around with it’s friends. I suppose there is a life lesson in there somewhere.

Pom pom method

Now the real fun begins. Notice this is called dance with balloons challenge, not play with balloons challenge. You actually have to do something that resembles dancing. Pick up two balloons as if they are pom poms and wave them around. A few random steps and a hip wiggle will greatly enhance the dance concept of this exercise. You should be losing all your inhibitions at this point.

Balloon Snake

Now that you are liberated, you are free to proceed with hardcore action. Tie a bunch of balloons with a long string. Form a balloon snake. Now dance around with your newly created mythical creature. Around yourself. Behind you. Do whatever you can to get the snake to come to life. The balloons are now becoming an extension of your personality.

Waist Belt

dance with balloons

Now it is time for you and the balloons to become one. Zen like and all. You are one with the balloons and the balloons are one with you. Tie the balloon snake around you waist like a belt. You movements will make the balloons flop and bounce in unpredictable patterns. Maybe it’s predictable to a person with a Ph.D. in motion simulation and thermodynamics. But to most of us this unpredictability is part of the fun. You have achieved your full potential in dance with balloons. This is the equivalent of getting a black belt in Karate. Only you have a pink and purple balloon belt in balloon dancing. Neat! Huh?


dance with balloons

Now that you climbed the top of the mountain. Please remember you are the master of your soul. Nothing can stand in your way. Repeat all the steps stated above until you reach a frenzy. This is necessary to exorcise joy popping demons. Don’t stop until you feel fully liberated.


When you are exhausted from your dance with balloons exercise, sit down. It is now time to say good bye to your balloon friends. The point of this exercise to practice letting go. Life is but a fleeting moment that you must pop every ounce of pleasure from. Pop all the balloons using a sharp object. Then sit among the balloon carnage to reflect on the innate cruelty of the human condition. Take a moment to make your peace with all the contradiction.

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