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One of the joys of losing weight is discovering long forgotten dresses in my closet that fit me again. I have been playing dress up. Picking out one favorite dress after another, trying to find the one that says it all. As I looked at all the different types of dresses that I own I realized that each one had a purpose. A feeling. A mood. Some are associated with a memory. Others I wear when I am struggling to say something. A type of an alphabet that forms a language. I am the last person you should get style advice from. But it’s fun to play together. Here are my 26 dresses that I need in my closet. Watch the video first, then read the rest of this blog post.

A dress that inspires me to twirl. Round and round I go whenever I am alone in the elevator or a corridor until ideas get mixed up in my head. Afterwards I see new connections I didn’t recognize before. This blue pure silk dress gives me all the twirly feels. I have chosen it for a recent photo shoot and it has served me well.

Types of dresses. A dress that inspires me to twirl

A sporty dress to inspire me to get moving on lethargic days. Of all the types of dresses, this recent addition to my closet makes me feel like I just came back from Wimbledon holding a grand trophy. I put it on and I swear my feet have more bounce in them.

Sporty Dress. A recent favorite dress.

A dress I can hardly move in. For I have a tendency towards self destruction. It is better that I express it like this, than through a more devastating manner. This lovely number is too tight at the bottom, which means that I have to take smaller steps while walking. Sitting in it is a performance piece worthy of a standing ovation. And yet, I do enjoy wearing it once in a while.

A dress I can hardly move in

A dress I feel outrageously beautiful in. For life can get hard and you must seek joy in whatever little corner you can find it in. I don’t believe in the little black dress. Of all the types of dresses, I place my faith in the little red dress. Whenever I slip this red number on, some sort of magic happens. Suddenly I get transformed into a different persona.

 types of dresses: a dress I feel beautiful in, could this be my favorite dress?

A dress that I salvaged after it had been ruined. I need to remind myself that second chances are possible. This dress with arabesque design pattern got stained in the wash. I had to dab bleach using q-tips in different spots to rescue it from that land fill. Ta-da! Here it is better that ever.

a ruined dress

A metallic shiny dress for when I wish to attract abundance. This silver dress packs a punch. I put it on and feel like I am covered in fairy dust. A majestic feeling it is.

a metallic dress

A colorful dress after a succession of gloomy days that have dragged on for too long. This orange, yellow and white floral dress never fails to uplift my mood. Whenever I need a quick pick me up, out comes this dress.

colorful dress

A boring dress that says nothing. For I am a complex human being and sometimes I don’t wish to communicate through clothes. This beige midi dress with a side slit, a plunging V-neckline and slightly cropped long sleeves. It’s cut to skim the body with drapey fabric that has a hint of stretch.

boring dress

A dress that makes me feel like a boss. In a world that is determined to make women feel small, you must do whatever you can to boost your strength. I like to pair this dress with a strand of pearls because it reminds me of an old grandma with one foot in the grave. She doesn’t have time to care what others think of her. This grey suite inspired dress is my power house. It’s a two piece deal. A tight dress with a matching blazer is all I need for my boss needs.

a dress that makes me feel like a boss

A dress that makes me want  to say I do. This off white flowy dress reminds me of my wedding dress. When I want to feel soft and feminine, this dress comes out of the closet.

A dress that inspired me to say I do

Another that gives me strength to say no. I have painted this dress in this painting titled The Way It Is. I can’t tell you how useful this dress has been in my life.

a dress that inspired me to say no

A dress with uniform geometric shapes for days when my life is a mess but I want everybody to think that I have my act together. This brown sweater dress with contrasting stripes placed in strategic location is perfect for crisis days.

So far it has been hard to pick a favorite dress and yet there are a few more candidates to go through.

a dress with geometric shapes

A dress that gives me a mysterious feeling to which I can’t find the appropriate words. But one day I will. I am a tragically optimistic person. This knee-length dress in crêped jersey with a printed pattern. The long, slightly wider sleeves with cuffs, and a flared skirt says something, I just don’t know what yet.

A dress that gives me a mysterious feeling

A scandalous dress. I can be needy at times.

scandalous dress

A dress to remind me of times gone by. To remember the women folk of my ancestors. Think of all those voices that were suppressed. This long robe from Kuwait that I received as a gift from a dear friend says it all. Please notice the red polka dots.

A dress to remind me of times gone by

A dress that inspires me to lounge about. This soft dark floral print dress makes me want to lay on one side contemplating the meaning of life. Strictly for lazy days.

A dress that inspires me to lounge about

Another that makes me want to dance. I have worn this dress for performances many times.

a dress that makes me want to dance

A dress so ugly that I am not going to show it to you. But it sits in my closet to remind me to be more discerning. We all have purchased a dress for all the wrong reasons. It was on sale. An impulse purchase. I already have a dress that is similar, only that one is much much better. So why did I buy this ill fitting dress? Who know!

ugly dress

A dress that reminds me of a Monet or Matisse painting. There are no decent galleries where I live. This pink and blue dress does the trick.

A dress that reminds me of a Monet painting

A dress that reminds me of who I used to be years ago, today I wear it with pride knowing I am no longer that person.

A dress that reminds me of who I used to be

A dress with contrasting colors for when I am in conflict of interest. Kimono style sleeves adds to the drama.

dress with contrasting colors

A dress that makes me feel like a princess. This pink embroidered chiffon dress is all I need for my technicolor fantasies.

princess dress

A stretchy dress for I am stubborn and need to work on keeping  myself flexible. This green faux wrap favorite dress is so comfortable to wear it puts me in a better mood. There are types of dresses that are deceptive. I bet most who see me in this number don’t know what I am wearing for.

types of dresses: stretchy dress

A type of dress that moves in the wind. For life is just a breeze. This lime green duo layer georgette material dress flows like a dream.

dress that moves in the wind

A chaotic dress that screams on my behalf. This patchwork quilt like favorite dress does that for me.

chaotic dress

Finally, a dress with a sense of humor. You can’t always count on others to amuse you, you must find a way to amuse yourself. I used this favorite dress in my “introduce myself in 30 second challenge“. My favorite part is that the right sleeve doesn’t match the left sleeve. It has crazy prints all over. Of all the types of dresses hanging in my closet, this one makes me laugh the most.

types of dresses: a dress with a sense of humor

   When you own a few dresses, sooner or later somebody will ask you: “Why do you need so much clothes?” or “How many types of dresses do you need?” On occasions like this, I put on my scandalous dress, then my sporty dress, then my colorful dress. I take the super hero stance to say. There are 26 letters in the alphabet. Would I dare suggest you should economize how many letters you use? Woman’s voices are marginalized in every field there is. From politics, art, business, religion. I happen to have plenty to say.

What is your favorite dress? Let me know in the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on “26 Types of Favorite Dress Every Woman Needs

  • Cy

    Little Red dress and the mysterious feeling dress. Power to say no dress not because I love it but because you do.

  • Karin

    Dear Elen, thanks for showing us your dresses and the feelings they evoke.
    I also love every piece I own, and often let it speak for me. What a great argument: there are 26 letters in the alphabet. Would I dare to suggest you economize… I will be adding it to my repertoire!
    I will be giving voice so my favorite outfits as a writing exercise.
    Happy Holidays, Karin