Dancing in the living room with a book

I am so happy. The only way to express it is to dance, dance and dance. Don’t know how to stop. There is this amazing joy of dancing that can’t be stopped. Here I am, dancing in the living room.

While studying flamenco dance I learned to dance with different props. A fan, a large scarf called manton and castanets. As an author I was to create a special dance form for dancing with a book. This feeling never gets old. Holding something in your hand after you have worked on it for years. Dreamed about it. Obsessed over it. I wish I could condense this feeling into a powder and give each of you a taste.

Dance is one of life’s simple pleasures, you let your body move to free your soul.

Put on some music, wear a pretty summary dress and let all the joy in the universe pass through you.

dancing in the living room with a book

Alternatively, dress as if you are planning an all night dancing extravaganza at the night club. Make sure to wear high heels and do your makeup. Go all the way out.

Or better yet, pretend you are going to the office. Imagine yourself jumping on top of desks in between rows and rows of cubicles.

dancing in the living room

You can always imagine you are at the supermarket buying groceries for your family when suddenly a favorite song comes along. You are seized with the joy of the music. You forget your surrounded and let the beat of the music take hold of you.

Or you can pretend you are at a beach picnic, when somebody passes with a giant loud speakers playing a tune you have never heard before. You are partially annoyed, but also intrigued. You feel resistance but then you yield. What the heck! Might as well.

But really, you just dancing in the living room. There is so much adventure to be had in the safety of your home.

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