How Breaking Bad Pile of Money Scene Inspired me Towards Utter Bliss 1

I needed some convincing to catch the hype surrounding Breaking Bad. I watched the first two episodes and decided that it was too harsh. And I stopped watching any further. But some urging from my son and a dear friend convinced me to go back and watch a few more episodes. “It’s the best show is T.V. history.” “You can’t judge it by the first season, it’s only in season 3 that it really gets going.” Were some of the statements that made me change my mind. So never say that I am not susceptible to peer pressure. Soon I was all engrossed in the adventures of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. However, my absolute favorite scene happens in Season 5 Episode 10. Huell, a minor character, is tasked with moving a big pile of money from one location to another. For a moment he decides to lay down on the big pile of money and enjoy himself. This Breaking Bad pile of money scene is everything to me.

Huell from Breaking Bad laying down on a big pile of money.

He looks so absolutely blissful, so happy. Ironically, the owner of this big pile of money never seems to derive the same pleasure from his hard earned mountain of wealth. You can watch the scene here. Huell’s bliss is doubly touching because his possession of the money is transient. He can’t keep it, he can only move it.

I keep remembering the breaking bad money pile scene whenever I feel a moment of intense joy. And so today. I am taking from

Breaking Bad Logo

and turning it into

Taking Highway ala Breaking Bad style

As my novel Take The Highway is launched into the world, I find myself thinking busy thoughts. Who knows how it will be received or what will be said about it. I could be feeling anxious. Turn myself into a ball of nerves worrying about stuff I have no control over. However, right now, for a brief moment, all is perfect. Right now, it is mine. Everything is possible. Dreams can come true. And I will suck the juice out of this to the full maximum. Here is my Huell lays on a big pile of cash equivalent. Here is my equivalent of Breaking Bad pile of money moment.

Author laying on a pile of books. My breaking bad pile of money equivalent.

Thank you Breaking Bad for a valuable life lesson.

What about you? What is your favorite scene in Breaking Bad?

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