What your handbag says about you?

I used to carry large massive purses with everything and the kitchen sink in them. Think Mary Poppins magical carpet bag. And then I noticed that my shoulder started to hurt. I decided to downsize my bag to a much smaller one. To force myself to carry less. I was super surprised by the effect it had on my personality. What your handbag says about you? My new beautiful bag says I have less baggage. I designed my own bag to only fit the bare essentials: wallet, cellphone and keys.

Buy the bag here: https://www.cowcow.com/_p180076021

What your handbag says about you?My favorite handbag in the world

To celebrate the publication of “Take The Highway” I have designed a shoulder clutch bag. I am so happy with how this has turned out, I am simply in love with this shoulder clutch. It’s now my favorite bag in the world.

  • Hand-crafted made from genuine leather.
  • Nylon interior with 2 internal pockets and a zippered compartment for added privacy.
  • Leather shoulder strap measuring 19.5”.
  • Measurements 10.5”(w) x 5.75”(h) x 1.75”(d).

Here I am modeling it for you.

favorite handbag
What your handbag says about you? Here is what I think my handbag says about me.

What your handbag says about you? Here is what I think my handbag says about me. A woman on the move. A person with little baggage. Somebody who is interested in function over aesthetic. However does care about aesthetic as well. Somebody who is not swayed by logos, marketing and hype. Somebody that makes her own way, makes up her own mind about things.

Why a handbag? You might ask. A handbag plays a small but important role in the story of Take The Highway. I wanted something that is big enough to carry what you need, small enough so that your baggage doesn’t hinder your movements. This handbag works on both the physical and metaphorical levels for me.

Do you have a favorite handbag? What your handbag says about you? What statement do you want your handbag to say?

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