What Makes Beyoncé in a Yellow Dress Give Up the Baseball Bat?

When Beyonce’s album Lemonade came out, my daughter insisted that we had to buy it. We listened to the CD and watched the music videos together. That video of Beyonce in a yellow dress wielding a baseball bat… it is now stuck in my mind as the perfect representation of the anger stage of heartbreak. A dress with plenty of ruffles. A woman smashing a car. What’s not to like.

I asked myself what would make Beyonce in a Yellow Dress give up the baseball bat? What could heal the heartbreak, the anger and distress?

Beyoncé in yellow dress lets go of the baseball bat after discovering a novel that helps her understand the nature of heartbreak.

So here is Beyonce letting go.

Beyonce in yellow dress holding a baseball bat

What would you recommend to Beyonce in that moment? Share your insights in the comments section below.

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