Countdown of days till book launch

10. Is the countdown of days till book launch. The suspense is overwhelming.

Tomorrow starts the countdown towards book launch. I am so excited and happy to be sharing this novel with you. Everyday until launch day (April 12), I will be posting fun content on my website Videos, photographs and a few surprises. I hope that you visit my website to join in the excitement. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to share that day’s post with your friends on your social media. This will help me spread the excitement about the new novel Take The Highway. As you know I am an indie author and your participation means the world to me.

Are you ready?

Here is the count down in days towards the book launch

Count down of days: 10

10 What Makes Beyoncé in a Yellow Dress Give Up the Baseball Bat? 

Count down of days

9 A Drive Through Heartbreak City 


8 Paper Crown Template


7 Weird Things To Write About


6 Books And Flowers


5 What your handbag says about you? 

launch in four days

4 How Breaking Bad Pile of Money Scene Inspired me Towards Utter Bliss

book launch in three days

3 How a Soul Crushing Traffic Jam Inspired a Novel

book launch in two days

2 Book Trailer

book launch in one day

1 Dancing in the living room with a book

countdown in 10 days

0 Quotes About Writing

This countdown in days was exhausting but also fun. I hope that you enjoyed it as well.

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