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Carmen Franka thought she left heartbreak in her rear-view mirror, but a chance encounter with a taxi driver brings a flood of painful memories back. Her husband, Ismail, had walked away one day, leaving behind a cryptic note. To move forward, Carmen must decipher the reason their seemingly happy marriage ended. All she has to go on are bedtime stories Ismail told her to help with her insomnia. At the time, she thought they were amusing stories from a wild imagination, but upon deeper examination they seem to hide a trail of secret clues. Between a story of an sixth century noble warrior poet, a bizarre tale of Da Vinci Code-inspired conspiracy theory and a yarn of a deeply touching, yet shockingly vulgar love story, Carmen begins to gain insight into her past.

No one warned Carmen that traveling down memory lane was dangerous, or that it would lead her to risk her life. Surrounded by mysteries, Carmen finds solace in her daily bus commute to work where she meets Sylvester, a wise retired traffic engineer. Sylvester quickly becomes Carmen’s bus buddy who provides her with a unique perspective on life that has been honed by experience. When Sylvester unexpectedly dies, a revelation at his funeral sparks more questions than answers. Carmen is sent into a tailspin, wondering if she can trust her own perceptions let alone anybody else’s. Without knowing who or what to trust, Carmen must grab the steering wheel of her life to face her ultimate fear. Told with ferocious energy and sly wicked humor, Take The Highway is a testament to the unfathomable courage it takes to get over a breakup.

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Take The Highway as an ebook available on pre-order now. Both ebook and paperback will be available for sale on April 12 2019

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On a final note, I wish to thank everybody who voted on my book cover design ideas poll.

My mind was stuck thinking about abstract and philosophical ideas for my book cover designs. As a result of all the feedback I got on that poll my mind got unstuck. I realized that I need to think along figurative lines instead of abstract. All of you helped me realize that a book cover needs to evoke an emotion instead of appealing to the mind. It reminds me of something that Rumi said in one of his poems: “If you could give up tricks and cleverness, that would be the cleverest trick.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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