Book Cover Reveal Day

I am ready to reveal the book cover art for my next novel. Here are pink curtains. Behind them sit the book cover design of my next novel.

Everyday until Wednesday March 13th, I will open the curtains by a bit to gradually reveal the book. 

Drum roll please! Ta da! here it is in its full glory. My new book cover design.

On a final note, I wish to thank everybody who voted on my book cover design ideas poll.

My mind was stuck thinking about abstract and philosophical ideas for my book cover designs. As a result of all the feedback I got on that poll my mind got unstuck. I realized that I need to think along figurative lines instead of abstract. All of you helped me realize that a book cover needs to evoke an emotion instead of appealing to the mind. It reminds me of something that Rumi said in one of his poems: “If you could give up tricks and cleverness, that would be the cleverest trick.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

More info about Take The Highway

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