Valentine’s Dinner for Two Through The Years

It all started with me writing a novel where food acts as a metaphor for life. I found myself descending into a cooking obsession. Where I tried to express my feelings through the meals that I prepared. And so when Valentine’s day rolled around I found myself scratching my head trying to think of a romantic meal to prepare. The result was heart shaped ravioli. The process is documented in a video. The food obsession novel is finished and my escapades in the kitchen are gladly behind me. However this habit of preparing a special edible treat for Valentine’s day has lingered. Here a few of Valentine’s dinner for two that I have prepared.

Heart Shaped Ravioli

This is the meal that kicked it all. For the recipe and video go to this blog post.

Stuffed Bell Peppers

I called this Valentine’s dinner for two “A love letter for my beloved”. There is something romantic about the shape of a belle pepper. Stuff it with rice and all manner of goodness inside and it turns into magic. For a recipe go to my dolma blog post.

valentine's dinner for two

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This is a high impact, easy to execute Valentine’s day treat. It’s delicious. Healthy and visually appealing. A good way to get away from the excessive chocolate consumption on Valentine’s day. Melt some chocolate. Get some sprinkles, chopped nuts and other yummy bits and get creative.

chocolate covered strawberries

Love Volcano

I roasted lamb chops. With the aid of carrots and red peppers tried to style them into an erupting volcano. Because love is an erupting volcano that will burn you down. This Valentine’s dinner for two was a massive success.

Love Volcano. Lamb Chops and vegetables. Valentine's dinner for two.

What should I prepare for next Valentine’s day? Let me know in the comment section below.

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