How To Throw A Memorable Dance Party At Home

A few weeks ago my husband asked me: “What would you like to do for your birthday?” In the past several years, we had gone to a nice restaurant for the occasion. That was lovely, but this year I am feeling in a different kind mood.

”I want to go dancing.” Was my reply.

My thinking was that we would find a club to spend a few hours in. My goal was simple. I wanted to spend the whole night dancing.

My husband came back and said:” How about we do a dance party at home. We will be more comfortable. I will cook dinner. We can eat what we want. Drink what we want. And you get to invite whomever you want.”

That struck me as a great idea. And so I set about imagining what to do to turn my house into a disco. Dance party at home it was.

First, I put together a Spotify playlist with all my favorite dance music.

Second, I purchased speakers which have spinning party lights coming out of a glass dome mounted on the top of them. They filled the room with disco style lights that colored the whole room. It was totally fab. The lights danced with the beat of the music. Here are a couple of pictured of what the room looked like with the lights.

Party Lights in Purple. Dance Party at home.
Party Lights in Blue. Dance party at home.

Then, I filled the room with pink balloons. As we danced we kicked the balloons around and threw them playfully at each other. It is a trick I developed way back when I used to host kids birthday parties in the house. Placing balloons all over the house kept the kids occupied in a safe activity for a long time. Turns out that it’s equally effective with grown ups.

Pink Balloons

I decorated the ceiling with some fun paper puffs.

House Decoration

I purchased glow in the dark bracelets and handed them to all my guests to wear.

Finally, and most importantly, I invited fun people that I knew enjoyed dancing.

Here is the dinner that my husband labored all day to prepare. Meatballs in tomato sauce, salmon, green beans, rice with lentils, spinach and salad.

Birthday Party Dinner

I did spend the whole night dancing and had the time of my life. All in all it was a super fun party.

On an unrelated note, here is the gift I received from my husband. A perfume in a bottle that looks like a shoe. This is so me. I think it’s absolutely charming.

Shoe Perfume

Do you have fun party ideas? Please share them below in the comments section. I would also love to know what music you would add to the playlist.

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