How To Fix A Broken Heart?

To dance is to tell a story without words. To write is to make words dance on a blank page in chaotic elegant combinations. To be a dancing writer is to be cursed by the impossible desire of merging the two.

The video was based on an edited version of this blog post.

I have tried and failed to combine dance, storytelling in a video. The results never felt satisfying. And yet here I am. Going at it again. This time from a different angle. This idea is refusing to leave me alone.

Making this video has been agonizing. Not because it was hard to make but because of the level of self doubt I went through while editing it. I spent hours curled up in a ball, holding myself to psyche myself up to getting the work done.

How to fix a broken heart ? Is there a recipe? A special method? Do you have a constructive suggestion? If yes, leave a comment below.

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