Coloring Page: Car Face

Have you ever noticed how when you look at the front of a car they seem to have faces with human expressions? Some cars have friendly welcoming expression. Other cars have a stern menacing one. Next time you see a car, really look. The front lights are the eyes. The grill is the mouth. The windshield is the forehead. The side mirrors look like ears. And the front hood or bonnet usually has a company logo in the middle that looks like the nose. So what type of car face are you? Which car face most represents your personality? Which car represents you mood today?

Since I am writing a novel about a woman that is going through a heartbreak, I chose an appropriate car face for her and turned it into a coloring sheet for you draw in. Download the PDF, print it and color it in. Click here of click on the image below.

car face coloring page

Would love to see how you color this in. Send me a picture of your work once you’re done.

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