Polka Dot Slingback Shoes

The story of how I ended up with these uber crazy over the top polka dot  slingback shoes. It starts with a dance class and ends in complete polka dot invasion. Watch the video first and then read the story below.

When I was a child my mother was fond of wearing polka dots. At the time I thought she was unfashionable. Polka dots! Polka Dots! Who wears polka dots? How kitsch! ….. And then I got involved in flamenco.  In flamenco, polka dots are common in performance outfits. Off course I own several. Over time I fell in love with polka dots. Then a strange thing started to happen. Polka dots started to invade my life.

Whenever I went out and saw any article at all that had polka dots on it, I just had to have it. An irresistible urge would come over me. I would immediately buy it.

It started innocently enough. I bought myself a polka dot skirt. I thought “Oh! this has polka dots, it’s elegant and pretty”. Soon I started discovering shirts and t-shirts in my closet. Polka dot earnings. Polka dot hair accessories. Yikes! The polka dots have taken over my life. Even the curtains in my house have polka dots on them. Even shoes. Look at these polka dot slingback shoes.

polka dot slingback shoes

I got the polka dot shoes off course because they have polka dots on them. When I walk with these crazy shoes somebody has to hold my hand so that I don’t fall on my face. What craziness is this.

And then there are the polka dots dresses and polka dot handbags. I even own clothing articles with polka dots on them that I am not allowed to talk about. Is there a rehab for polka dot addicts? Please let me know.

Polka dot socks. Polka dot nail art. Polka dot pancake. I have one performance outfit that I really really like because the polka dots are not uniform in distribution. Nor is the size of them. A post modern take on polka dots. The reason I love this outfit is that it makes me feel that I am in control of the polka dots. “They are not in control of me” I tell myself.

So unless you want to walk around covered from head to toe in polka dots and think that you are the most fashionable person in the world, even though everybody who loves you is telling you are not, think twice about enrolling in a flamenco dance class. There are some serious side effects you should know about. Okay! Maybe I am exaggerating just a bit. But not by much.

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