Coloring Page : I got traffic on the mind

I catch myself staring at traffic signs and contemplating the deep meaning of bumper stickers. I observe the way in which people decorate their cars to make them their own. I sit on a bus and notice they way people shuffle there way through, or adjust how they sit when a stranger sits next to them. This idea of traffic as a metaphor for life suddenly seems so rich. Seems like a great idea. So many layers, textures, smells. It feels heavenly to be in this magical stage of crafting a novel. I tried to capture this feeling with a coloring page where bits of traffic are tangled in a woman’s hair. I hope you enjoy it.
Coloring Page : Hair
Also you can get it as a coloring page that you can fill out yourself. Print the PDF document. Get your crayons or color pencils and add color to this outline. Would love to see what you come up with.

Get the coloring page here

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