Heartbreak City Coloring Page

Started working on a second draft of the new novel. The first chapter zings through with energy. It leaves off at a high energy point. I am happy with it. Really really happy with it. But then. Splat! Face on the ashpalt. The second chapter loses all the energy and fizzles. I need to find a way to maintain the energy from the first chapter all the way through. Then I had an idea …. imagining heartbreak as a city. A physical location that you can visit. A drive through this city serves as an emotional trip through the anguish of it all. Here is what I came up with.

Heart Break City Map

Here is the coloring page.

Heart Break City Coloring Page

Also you can get it as a coloring page that you can fill out yourself. Print the PDF document. Get your crayons or color pencils and add color to this outline.

Get the coloring page here

Who knows? perhaps this is a heartbreak city road map for the whole novel. Will see what happens.

Would love to know what you think. What locations, street names would you place in your heartbreak city?

Hoping that all of you are living heartbreak free. And if by chance you are going through a heartbreak then I sincerely hope it will heal soon. Love!

Travel vector created by Freepik

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