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I am excited to announce that you can now install Elen Ghulam on your cell phone (Android only). You can go ahead and install the author app or continue with reading this post for more details. Right now the app is only available for Android phones. If you have an iPhone then let me know in the comment section below. If there is enough interest I will make the effort to develop the equivalent app for your phone.


Go to Google Play on your cell phone.
Search for Elen Ghulam.
Click the Install button.


After installation you should see this icon somewhere.
Mini me App

The app allows you to browse my website. Looks something like this.
Mini me app
You scroll through the blog posts, click on the one you are interested in to read it in long form.

Additionally, you can tap the Share button on the right bottom side to tell your friends about what you are reading. You will see the “Share using” screen.
Mini me app

Let’s assume you tapped twitter. Then you will see a screen like this that let’s adjust the tweet before it goes out.
Mini me app

When a new blog post is added, you will receive notification that looks like this.
Mini me app

tap on the notification to be taken to the new blog post. My goal is to have a new blog post once a week or less.


My goal in developing this author app is to encourage you to participate in my creative process while I write a new novel. I will be blogging about various aspects of the work and your input will direct it.


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