Word Animation: Despite

Ever since I entered into the intriguing world of author youTuber, I have been scratching my head to find new video ideas. I had this idea of doing word animation. I wanted to give myself the challenge of coming up with maximum number of ways to animate words and sentences in a single video to stir some creativity. Here is what I came up with.

The script of the video

All I could think of was the word “Despite”. Despite the fact that I am a woman, despite my skin color, despite my country of origin, despite my circumstance, despite other people’s expectations of me, despite of what the world might think, despite my short comings, despite is the declarative word of the English language. It announces itself like an elephant in a room, you might choose to ignore it, but it will force itself into your attention span weather you like it or not. Despite, is the samurai sword you carry in your scabbard ready to unleash at a moments notice. If you remove the d and e from despite it becomes spite a word that reminds me of a fantastic Kathy Bates movie called Delores Claiborne. Despite leads you into victory, up the mountain, all the way to the top. Enough is never enough, there is always more to be had. Despite is the reverse side of defeat. Today I am fragile despite my strength.

Word animation ideas

I tried to imagine the word “despite” popping up in a brain and then navigating around as if in a maze attempting to find an exit.

word animation in a brain

A sentence turning around in a circle

I came up with different ideas where words are distressed in a variety of ways. They are squished and squeezed and blown away. For some reason, this type of word animation was very satisfying.

word animation distressing

I imagined a word coming over a horizon like a sun during a sunrise. Probably my favorite word animation in the whole video. Don’t know why.

Word animation sun rise

I imagined words walking across a mountain range in a distance.


Word getting sliced by a sword.

A sentence dangling like a swing.

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