Top 10 Best Book Covers

One of the joys and torments of being an indie author is the fact that I get to choose my own book cover design. A joy because the cover design is another creative outlet that can extend to telling the story. Torment because doing it right is so so hard. Since this a topic I spend lots of time thinking about, I love browsing the blog The Casual Optimist, where captivating book cover designs get curated. A highly recommended read. A book cover needs to strike a fine balance between art and commerce. The point of the cover is to convince the reader to buy the book. However within that there is room for wild creativity to take place. It needs to grab attention within a split second, yet complement the story without revealing too much. I thought I would put together a list of my favorite book covers of all time. These do not reflect what I think of the book. Judging purely on the exterior. Until you actually read a book, you only have the cover to judge it by. I tried to mention the designer wherever I could. If you happen to know the designer to one of these where none is mentioned please let me know. I would love to give credit where it is due. So here is a count down of the best book covers.


Best Book Covers #10

Best Book Cover : You Comma Idiot
You Comma Idiot by Doug Harris features a stained crumbled piece of paper. The burned out cigarette hole is added embellishment. The cover design is perfectly suited to the humor of the story. More importantly it is the perfect match for the lazy washed-up personality of the protagonist.











Best Book Covers #9

Best Book Covers: The Vegetarian The idea of placing a simple object in the middle over some textured image has been done many times before. However none appeals to me more than in this one. It immediately captures attention. I reviewed The Vegetarian in my Foodie Fiction Extravaganza. I didn’t appreciate the book very much. However my appreciation for the cover designed increased one I read it. The designer captured key elements from the story and combined them in an interesting way.










Best Book Covers #8

Best Book Covers : The Lost Art of WalkingThis typography combining imaged of shoes and shoe prints is a total feast for the eyes. Playful. I want to stare at every letter.









Best Book Covers #7

Best Book Covers : Fight Club
An iconic image. The simple composition of a fist with lettering is effecting in representing the story.












Best Book Covers #6

Best Book Covers : Queen of Geeks


I could feel by heart fluttering the first time I saw this image.










Best Book Covers #5

Best Book Covers : A Million Little Pieces
Put aside the controversy and whatever issues you have with the author. This unique design by Rodrigo Corral is effective at creating an emotive image that makes you want to stop in your tracks and stare. I was so inspired by the design that I tried to recreate it in my Million Little Heart Breaks blog post.










Best Book Covers #4

Best Book Covers : Eat Pray Love
Eye catching design by Helen Yentus. Timeless.











Best Book Covers #3

Best Book Covers: Carnival
I reviewed Carnival by Rawi Hage here. A kaleidoscope of objects reflects the feel of the story. A cover you will want to stare at long after you have finished reading the book. Design by Brian Morgan.










Best Book Covers #2

Best Book Covers : A Guide to Being Born
Strange. Beautiful yet disturbing. Almost the perfect book cover design. The remarkable cover is adapted from an illustration by the artist and surrealist writer Lou Beach












Best Book Covers #1

Best Book Covers : metamorphosis
I have reviewed Metamorphosis here.  Letters getting transformed into insect bits to express exactly what is happening in the story. Design by Jamie Keenan












So what do you think? Do you agree with my list. What are some of your favorite book cover designs?

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