A Million Little Heartbreaks

To be a parent is to suffer an endless loop of little heartbreaks. The loop is punctuated with the occasional large heartbreak. They leave the womb. Heartbreak. Then they leave the crib. Heartbreak. After that they go to school. Heartbreak. They get sick. Heartbreak. Then if you did well and things go as planned they leave home to peruse other interests. Big heartbreak. I have this partial empty nest situation happening. One kid moved to study at university and a second is moving out next month. That leaves one of three kids living at home. The heart break is crushing. I feel like there is a pile of bricks sitting on my chest. I am entering a new phase of my life. One in which mothering is no longer the number one task of my life. I need to rebuild my life. Refocus. Regroup. Redefine. Get a life. But first, I need to get over this heartbreak. If I learned anything in all my years of living about the nature of heartbreak, it’s that there is no magical solution to make it go away. Yet somehow, perhaps foolishly, I have the idea that distraction is the name of the game going forwards. To get over this heartbreak I created a plan. I need to keep myself busy. So here is my 4 point plan. Let me know what you think.
Here it is:

  1. Write a novel. (mental distraction)
  2. Practice Dancing 4 times a week. (physical distraction)
  3. I created a large pile of books that I will read through. (before going to sleep distraction)
  4. I will hold lots of dinner parties and invite friends over. (social distraction)

Wish me luck.

I will be making lots of heartbreak salad in the next few months.

Million Heartbreaks


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