You Shall Not Pass By Gandalf Inspired Traffic Sign

As I was writing a novel inspired by traffic, I frequently found myself staring at traffic signs. Wondering “what do they say?” This one time I found myself staring at the Do Not Pass sign in my neighborhood. Suddenly the the dramatic “You Shall Not Pass” scene from the movie Lord of the Rings movie uttered by Gandalf appeared before me. Watch this video first. Then read the rest of the blog post.

A “Do Not Pass” signs indicates that a car is entering a zone where the the driver should not attempt to overtake other cars. The sign usually features school children carrying school bags. A boy and a girl. I imagined that the boy and a girl are walking towards their school when out of the sky Gandalf from Lord of the Rings movies materializes out of the clouds. To shout “You Shall Not Pass.”

You Shall Not Pass by Gandalf animation
You Shall Not Pass by Gandalf meme
You Shall Not Pass by Gandalf drawing
You Shall Not Pass by Gandalf fan art

The poor children are terrified. They drop their school handbags. Run away and then cower in the corner of the traffic sign.

Do Not Pass traffic sign
Do Not Pass traffic sign, children drop handbags
Do not pass traffic sign, children cowering

I will always remember how devastating the “You Shall Not Pass” scene was the first time I watched it. Because Gandalf dies at the end of it. I was absolutely heartbroken. It seemed impossible to imagine the story continuing without him.

You can see the original scene of “You Shall Not Pass” here.

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Do you ever wonder what it feels like to be a traffic sign? To stand static for years and years. To observe all manners of human behavior. To serve the public good never receiving any acknowledgement or appreciation. I think it is time for humans to listen to the humble traffic sign. You did know that they have feelings too? Didn’t you?

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