Giveaway: Burger, taco and ketchup necklace (closed)

In the spirit of my new found “Life Changing Magic of giving stuff away for free” I wanted to organize a food related giveaway. After some research, I discovered that shipping food internationally is complicated. Each country has restrictions on what is allowed and not allowed, plus there are worries about things arriving unspoiled and fit for consumption. So I was forced to ditch that idea and replace it with something else. Tada! A foodies themed necklace instead. Enter the giveaway and share it with your friends to increase your chances of winning.

burger necklace

Enter giveaway here:

To celebrate how well my novel ”Spoonful Chronicles ” is doing since launch date, I am giving away a Burger, taco and ketchup necklace. You can wear them separately or all together. The choice is yours. This giveaway is international.

This giveaway is now closed but you can find out about future giveaways by signing up to my mailing list here. You will receive a free ebook as a bonus.

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