The Life Changing Magic of Giving Stuff Away for Free 3

pexels-photo-129859 It all started last November. I decided to take my first book, turn it to an ebook and give it away for free to encourage people to sign up to my mailing list. Immediately, I felt this jolt of happiness running through my body. Yes! I was happy that my mailing list was growing, but it was also something else. There was something more to it than just giving away a free ebook. A sort of enthusiasm that I didn’t fully understand. That was followed by a giveaway that included a kindle device and a bundle of novels for it. When it came time to contact the winner who was chosen bya random draw, to tell her that she won, I felt such excitement. I felt more happy than if I was the one winning this prize. My happiness was increased when the winner told me that her kindle device had broken down only 3 days earlier and the prize came at just the right time. “Why am I this happy?” I thought to myself. “Why am so excited to give something to a complete stranger?” Yes, I was happy that the giveaway was a success. Two thousand people enrolled to participate in it. But this was a type of enthusiasm that went above and beyond that. Then one week ago, I was participating at a book fair being held at the Vancouver Public Library. To encourage people to come and talk to me I decided to giveaway a treat. I tasked my mother to find a suitable thing to hand out. I told her: “I need something delicious, individually wrapped (so that it’s easy to hand out” and attractive looking.” My mom found the chocolate covered wafers that fit the criteria. I bought 200 of them and proceeded to hand them out to anybody and everybody at the event. Children, grownups, homeless people, the man with interesting conspiracy theory, the man who walked from table to table to tell each author that he hates fiction, the intelligent young lady with whom I discussed if sex is better than chocolate and everybody in between. It turns out that at the public library you get to meet the public. And most of them are happy to receive a free treat even if they hate books. I walked away feeling exhausted, after all I had spend the whole day talking to people, but there it was–that mysterious happy feeling. So now I am all jazzed about it. I think I understand what Oprah Winfrey felt when she gave away cars on her show. I can’t giveaway cars, but I certainly love this business and giving stuff away for no reason at all to complete strangers. I am jazzed about it. So if you have an idea for giveaway I should hold in the future, pleased let me know. There will certainly be more of that happening on this website.

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