Have your book and eat it too

SpoonfulRecipes “Does your novel contain recipes?” I kept getting asked whenever I told somebody about what I was working on. “No” I would answer. But, after being asked the same question about 20 times, I clued in that I need to find a way to say “yes”. “This is something that people want.” I didn’t want to include the recipes in the novel because I thought it would interrupt the reading experience. I want the reader to focus on the story. The answer came to me after a big dinner party at my house. One of the guests asked me to send her all the recipes of all the dishes I prepared for this dinner. I felt a bit overwhelmed with the task of documenting over 10 recipes and so I told her that I would email her one recipe a day to make it slightly more manageable. As I was busy with the task at hand, I had a eureka moment. “Hey! this is fun!” I thought to myself. “I think I would enjoy receiving one recipe a day in my mail box”. Why don’t I collate all the recipes connected with food mentioned in Spoonful Chronicles and send them to people interested, one recipe a week. So I created a mailing list called Spoonful Recipes, where people can choose to sign up and get the recipes. It’s the best of the both worlds. The reading experience is not interrupted, plus I found a way to say “Yes!” to the next person who asks me if my novel comes with recipes. Only Spoonful Recipes is more than just recipes. You get a video of me actually preparing the dish with an explanation of why it’s significant to the novel, plus a story of how the recipe came about.11 emails over 10 weeks. So you can just read the book. Or you can read the book and eat it too.

The foodie in me loves this idea.

You can sign up to the Spoonful Recipes Mailing list, absolutely free here: http://ihath.com/MailingList/?p=subscribe&id=5



And yes! off course there is a cauliflower recipe.

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