Rocket Launch Drawing

Today my novel, Spoonful Chronicles, gets launched into the world. It is finally live. Here is the rocket launch drawing I created for this occasion. More details here:

Rocket Launch Drawing

For this auspicious day I decided to create a rocket launch drawing. Something that makes Spoonful Chronicles seem like a rocket that is about travel to out space with myself saluting the effort in a military style. I was inspired by a bunch of famous movie rocket launch. That moment when somebody says: “ladies and gentlemen, we have a lift off.” Always feel special.

Movies on this list would be:

Today, all those scenes are colliding into each other in my chest.

If you are wondering how to create a rocket launch drawing for a book. It’s easy. All I had to do is take an image of my kitchen totally empty.

empty kitchen

Then I took another photo with the book raised on top of a tall jar.

book on a jar

In my image editing software I layer the image with the book on top of empty kitchen. Then I erase the jar making it seem as if the book is floating in the air.

Finally, I added hand drawing to make the book look like a rocket getting launched into outer space.

And there you have it, a rocket launch drawing.

I hope you enjoy reading my novel.

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