Six Creative Ways To Dance In The Kitchen

Conventional wisdom dictates that the kitchen is for preparing meals, today we shall flip this concept on it’s head. Let us imagine that the kitchen is a stage for dancing. Let us discover all the fun a delightful ways we can dance in the kitchen. Watch this video first, then read the rest of the blog post.

Today I am launching a new book. One that has been inspired by two decades of laboring in this kitchen. This feeling of happiness never gets old. The satisfaction that you feel when you hold a book in your hand that you worked on for years. Dreamed about. Fantasized about. The fact that it is real is a form of happiness that is hard to express in words. Only body movements can express this level of joy. One way of dancing in the kitchen is simply with no props and no pretension. Put some music on and let beat move your body. Intuition is key.

Dancing in the kitchen

I fell in love with this kitchen the minute I laid eyes on it. It’s pone of the reasons I purchased my house. It’s size. It’s layout. It all seemed perfect. I could totally imagine myself in it as my kingdom. The truth is we spend the most amount of time in this one room. We have a perfectly nice living room. Yet somehow we always end up congregating in the kitchen. It’s a mystery. I suggest that you wear a favorite dress to dance in the kitchen. Pretend you are going to a dance party.

dancing in the kitchen

Why stop there. Wear your kitchen ware as accessories. Celebrate all the unacknowledged labor that happens in this place. Put on a strainer as a hat. Grab some green onions and parsley and use them as pom poms. Make sure to dance with reckless abandon. You need to be brave here. You are dancing in the kitchen.

dancing in the kitchen with a strainer

Something strange and mysterious will happen when you begin to dance in the kitchen. Your food will begin to dance as well. All the boiling, frying sizzling food items will be infected with your joy and start to dance in the kitchen with you.

eggs dancing in tomato sauce

Wear a feather boa. Pose like a drama queen. You are a goddess. Unapologeticly shamelessly awesome. Wave it around. Let the feathers move around in whichever way they wish. I chose a red feather boa. You choose whatever color inspires you for this adventure. This will inspire you to invent new dance moves. Imagine that you are a bird flying in the sky.

dancing in the kitchen with a red feather boa

All this craziness will make you look at your kitchen in new and fresh ways. For example, why not use the oven as a desk. Yes! I know that it’s meant for that, but today we are flipping things on their heads. Remember. Nothing is what it seems.

using the oven as a desk

What about you? Do you have a creative way to dance in the kitchen? Please share your ideas.

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