My favorite food is sushi

As i prepare to launch a novel that comes with recipes, I feel compelled to give sushi a special mention. It is rather odd that sushi has garnered this coveted position in my life because I didn’t grow up eating it. I tried it for the first time as a grown up. And yet, it has won me over. How did that happen? And why? In praise of a most delectable dish allow me to numerate all the reasons that make me say: “my favorite food is sushi.

my favorite food is sushi

It comes in cute adorable morsel of food. Each one unique yet brimming with taste.

I don’t know how to make sushi at home and therefore I enjoy eating it whenever I eat out. Because I am a decent cook, most dining out experiences don’t impress much. And yet sushi has the magical power to impress me each and every time I eat it.

Somehow I never feel too full after eating sushi. Maybe it’s my imagination. But it seems that it’s a light dish that satisfies without giving that heavy feeling afterwards. Like you don’t want to move from your spot.

I live at a place with an abundance of fresh fish. Sushi is the perfect showcase for such a blessing.

The colorful variety it comes in. Orange for salmon. And we all know my fondness for the color orange. The green wasabi. The pink shrimp or prawn. It is a colorful delight just to look at.

You get to eat it using chopsticks. Which is always fun.

Now that we explored reasons behind the statement “my favorite food is sushi” I would love to hear from you. What is your favorite food? And why?

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