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Life is full of surprises my dear friend. Snow in March in Vancouver. The sun making a brief appearance after weeks and weeks of rain. Receiving a package in the mail to discover that an overseas friend sent you a gift for no reason at all–they simply felt like it. And nothing is more surprising than planning something and then it actually happens. In my experience things rarely ever work out the way that I arranged them to. In fact I have become averse to plans. Despite my plan phobia, I decided that this time around I would market my new novel. I spent month and months thinking through how to bring Spoonful Chronicle to a wider audience. The idea of uploading a novel onto amazon and pray hard that people will come across it by accident, although romantic, isn’t practical. I want to do my part to be connect this book with its readers. So I planned and schemed and dreamed and tossed and turned in my bed. The novel is coming out on April 4th. Yet every morning I wake up and find myself feeling surprised. Wow! it’s here. The novel is really here. Like somebody else did the work and sent me the end result in a surprise package from Mars. This feeling hits me every morning. “Surprise! you have authored a book.” Like an electrical buzz, it goes tingling around my body for a brief moment.

Here is an image I took while proof reading the paperback.

Proof reading is a boring tedious task. I honestly don’t know how some people do this for a living. If I didn’t feel passionate about my own work there is no way I would be able to get through it. The amazing thing is how errors manage to sneak in. I have been through this thing so many times. I thought, for sure, this time, it will be error free. For each error I placed a sticky note in the page. The worst offence was: the word “hunger” was spelled as “huger”. How did I not notice that before?

Here are all the sticky notes after all the errors been weeded out. I call this proof reading weed.

proof reading weed

Go away errors, typos, spelling mistakes. Die, burn and disappear.


Speaking of surprises. An indie author buddy is also launching his novel on April 4th. Let’s hope that April 4th is a good day to launch a book into the world. Good luck to us both.

All Good Men Must Fall Is it possible to start over? Do ghosts from the past really disappear? Can you leave them behind in a different country, a different life, and pretend they never existed?
Malcolm has everything he ever wanted. He returns home to Scotland to live with his partner, Heather and her daughter, Emily. Their extended family includes his father and his best friend. When Heather begins to hear strange noises in their old house she knows who it is. She believes that her father, who was pronounced dead, has tracked them down and has come to take back Emily.

You can buy it at Amazon here:

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