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The pure artist is a rare breed. If you are very very lucky you will get to meet one of those who create with purity of intention. Destiny has showered me with a deluge of good fortune, for I know, in person, several of these unique individuals. They are not swayed with thoughts of commercial success, only the rhythm of the beat of their hearts gets them moving. Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the work of such a person: Bird Dance by Farnaz Ohadi.

Do you remember a time in childhood when you believed in happy endings, goodness and the bad guy getting his or her comeuppance in the end? And then you grew up …. Right? You had to leave those naïve notions behind you to navigate the reality as it came. Life forces all of us to fortify ourselves. There is a part of you that yearns to believe nevertheless.

Bird Dance grabs tunes from the east and the west and combines them together the way flour and water mix together to produce bread. The end result is unique and yet slips through your ears sliding directly to your heart as if it had existed on the day of creation. Completely natural. As if the two sides were predestined for this encounter, fell in love on first sight and shall be inseparable till eternity.

Some of the tracks are joyful, others shall break your heart. The total effect is healing. It will leave you believing in happy endings again. Not in the childish immature way. But in the way of an experienced wise adult. With eyes wide open and a heart refusing to shut.

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