How to eat a book

Since Spoonful Chronicles is a novel with recipes, I decided to come up with a unique concept for the book trailer. A person finds Spoonful Chronicles in the fridge and decides that it looks yummy. They mistake the book for a beef roast or something like it. They go about attempting to cook and eat the book until the book alerts them to the mistake and instructs them to read the book instead of eating it. Let us explore the question of “how to eat a book?” together.

To answer “how to eat a book?” question, I had the delightful challenge of animating a face with lips and eyes. So that it seems that that book is talking to the audience. This part was tons of fun.

how to eat a book

I came up with a simple recipe for my book dish. Place Spoonful Chronicles in a roasting pan. The same roasting pan I use to roast a whole turkey. Add some parsley and a few vegetables.

book in a roasting pan

Place in the oven for over an hour on 400. You want that book to be tender like butter. Yum!

place a book in the oven

Finally place the book on a surface. Be careful not to burn your hands. I highly recommend that you use oven mittens here. And carve as if you are carving a roast beef.

carve a book like roast beef

Once I finished working on the book trailer, I wasn’t finished with the “how to eat a book?” question. I found myself contemplating other options. More recipes popped into my mind. Why not boil the book like pasta?

Or fry the book the same way you would fry onions?

I still think that reading a book is the best way of consuming it. But some books are too delicious they are hard to resist.

What about you? If you were asked “how to eat a book?” what would be your answer.

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