If The OA was a prequel to The Walking Dead Fanfiction

Imagine The OA fanfiction mashup with The Walking Dead fanfiction producing a mega amazing story.

Spoilers Ahead! Don’t watch this video or read this blog post unless you have already watched The OA and The Walking Dead.

Watch this video first then read the rest of the blogpost.

It was my son who introduced me to The Walking Dead comic books. He was in elementary school at the time and the comic books feel under the “not appropriate for his age” category. But after many discussions and arguments on the subject matter, I changed my mind based on the artistic merit or the comic books. My son was over the moon. He became the cool one in his class, since he was the only one with access to the forbidden object. Every week we went to the comic book shop to buy the next one in the series. He was eating it up. All that death, mayhem and gore wasn’t bothering him. And then suddenly, he abruptly became disinterested in the comics. I thought all that dark subject matter finally got to him. But, no. After a discussion, he confided in me that he was disturbed by a side narrative where a woman cheats on her husband. I responded to that:

Elen: “They are living in the zombie apocalypse, the stress alone might make people act in irrational ways.

Son: But mom, this woman is a mom, she has a young son.

It wasn’t the blood and gore that disturbed my son, it was the idea that a mother would act in non idealistic way.

I found that very touching.

My own interest in The Walking Dead started when it showed up on Netflix. Once I got over the cringe factor with the zombie scenes I discovered a story that probes the philosophical question: What does it mean to be a human? How are the living different from the dead? What is it that makes life worth living? What makes people want to go on in times of adversity?

I watched The OA when it first showed up on Netflix. I immediately fell in love it. The role storytelling plays in the show. The way dance plays a crucial part in the narrative. So many creative and thought provoking elements in The OA. Seeing the brilliant Palestinian actress Hiam Abbass play the role of Khatun. I super delighted to see actor Scott Wilson make an appearance in The OA. He played the role of Hershel in The Walking Dead. It was so devastating when Hershel died. He was a sort of the moral center of the series. His death was as devastating as the death of Gandalf in the “you shall not pass” scene in the Lord of The Rings movies. It was this Hershel that gave me the idea to write a mashup of The Walking Dead fanfiction and The OA fanfiction.

I started by drawing this illustration of Hershel from The Walking Dead.

Hershel from The Walking Dead fan art drawing

The Walking Dead fanfiction ending began to occur to me. Why not use the dance from The OA as the things the finally ends the zombie apocalypse in The Walking dead.

The OA travels to another dimension. When she comes back she brings with her the disease that turns people into walkers.

The OA fan art

Which is why she doesn’t want anybody to touch her. She is infectious.

The OA and her mother drawing

Secretly, Hershel has a second family on the farm. Hershel is forced to shoot Nancy after she turns, then he joins his other family where he meets Rick and the others.

Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead fanfiction

The OA shows up in Alexandria searching for her father. She takes Rick, Carl, Maggie, Carol and Daryl to the woods to tell them a story.

This scene is a nod to the famous scene from The Waking Dead where Glen dies.

The OA telling a story The Walking Dead fanfiction

Then she teaches them to dance.

Here is the Atlanta five: Ric, Carl, Glen, Daryl and Carol

atlanta five from the walking dead

Negan arrives to Alexandria and the five do the dance for him.

Isn’t Negan just the best villain ever? He is the bad guy you love to hate. Such a great character. Loved him to bits.

Negan from the Walking Dead fan art

Negan smashes his own head with Lucille.

negan from the walking dead and Lucille

All walkers start to dance as well. What is the point of being a walker if you can’t dance like Michael Jackson?

Anytime you think of zombies and dancing, I can’t help but think of the thriller music video.

thriller by michael jackson fan art drawing

They dance themselves to death. Everybody lives happily ever after in their appropriate dimension.

Khatoun from The OA fan art drawing

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