If The OA was a prequel to The Walking Dead

Spoilers Ahead! Don’t watch this video or read this blog post unless you have already watched The OA and The Walking Dead.

The OA travels to another dimension. When she comes back she brings with her the disease that turns people into walkers. Which is why she doesn’t want anybody to touch her. She is infectious. Secretly, Hershel has a second family on the farm. Hershel is forced to shoot Nancy after she turns, then he joins his other family where he meets Rick and the others. The OA shows up in Alexandria searching for her father. She takes Rick, Carl, Maggie, Carol and Daryl to the woods to tell them a story. Then she teaches them to dance. Negan arrives to Alexandria and the five do the dance for him. Negan smashes his own head with Lucille. All walkers start to dance as well. What is the point of being a walker if you can’t dance like Michael Jackson? They dance themselves to death. Everybody lives happily ever after in their appropriate dimension.

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