The Secret Life of Trees 6

Last summer I went on frequent walks in nature. I kept noticing how each tree has an individual character. Each one captivating and enticing in it’s own unique way. It’s like each one is saying something. My imagination ran wild and I started to see an expression in each one. Here is a sample of that discovery. Join me on an adventure exploring the secret life of trees. Click on each image to see a larger size.

This one screams in anguish: “I can’t take it anymore!”

Do you see what I see? Or is it just my imagination.
Secret Life of Trees: Anguish

This one has dedicated its life to scarring little children

Somebody placed rocks into the grooves to make it look like eyes. Very haunting.

Secret Life of Trees : Horror

Can you feel the parental guidance in this one?

Mama and baby trees … so cute.

Secret Life of Trees: parental

This one has fallen over yet continues to reach out to the sky in creative ways

very inspirational on a gloomy day

Secret Life of Trees: fallen

This tree looks pregnant

notice the bump hanging off one side

secret life of trees: pregnant

These two are locked in an eternal embrace

A short story about love should be written about these two. I wonder if they are planning to get married?

secret life of trees: embrace

This one has pimples and says “whatever!” all the time.

Or maybe my imagination was colored by the fact that I had three teenagers at home at the time.
secret life of trees: teen

Nothing to do with the tree. This one is about goofy humans projecting.

I have no idea who stuck eyes, nose and mouth into a tree, but here it is. Kinda weird.

secret life of trees: tree face

I could spend a lifetime contemplating trees. Do you have an image illustrating the secret life of trees ? If yes, please share it with me.

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6 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Trees

  • Linda Fast

    I love the imagination, I too picture people and monsters in the branches at night, silhouettes against the lamp lights.

  • Debi Rumph

    Very imaginative and ingenious for you to be able to connect with these trees! I often wonder what we would do without our trees. Trees are an important part of lives including ours and our children! Thank you for this opportunity.