The Secret Life of Trees 6

Last summer I kept noticing how each tree has an individual character. It’s like each one is saying something. My imagination ran wild and I started to see an expression in each one. Here is a sample of that discovery. Click on each image to see a larger size.

This one screams in anguish: “I can’t take it anymore!”
Secret Life of Trees: Anguish

This one has dedicated its life to scarring little children

Secret Life of Trees : Horror

Can you feel the parental guidance in this one?

Secret Life of Trees: parental

This one has fallen over yet continues to reach out to the sky in creative ways

Secret Life of Trees: fallen

This tree looks pregnant

secret life of trees: pregnant

These two are locked in an eternal embrace

secret life of trees: embrace

This one has pimples and says “whatever!” all the time.

secret life of trees: teen

Nothing to do with the tree. This one is about goofy humans projecting.

secret life of trees: tree face

I could spend a lifetime contemplating trees.

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6 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Trees

  • Linda Fast

    I love the imagination, I too picture people and monsters in the branches at night, silhouettes against the lamp lights.

  • Debi Rumph

    Very imaginative and ingenious for you to be able to connect with these trees! I often wonder what we would do without our trees. Trees are an important part of lives including ours and our children! Thank you for this opportunity.