3 most unique things @ Indie Author Day 1

Indie Author Day at the Vancouver Public Library

As if the Vancouver Public Library wasn’t already the best and coolest public library in the world. This year they decided to host an Indie Author Day which I participated in. Here are there unique things that caught my attention while at the event.

The Man With The Unique Tie

Jim Goddard with the Mona Lisa Tie

Jim Goddard immediately grabbed my attention with his cheery smile and unique artistic Mona Lisa tie. He is the husband of indie author Winona Kent. Through out Indie Author Day. I saw him bringing coffee, food and refreshments to his wife while she sat at her author display table. I overheard him talk to people about his wife’s books with happy enthusiasm that rivaled any author’s affection for their own creation. So touching. All creative people need support and nurturing. And certainly this man with the unique tie is a glowing example of this.




Book As A Work of Art

Baco holding Invisible
My neighbour at the Indie Author Day display table was Baco . He came with a black hockey bag carrying Invisible. A book that is a unique work of art. You have to hold it in your hands in order to appreciate its beauty. The cover is hand made. Hand bound. Includes lithographs hand made by the author/artist. I don’t want to say too much about his book because that would ruin the experience. The less you know, the better. Every aspect of this book is a surprise. Nothing is the way you think it will be. It was an honor and privilege to chat with him a little. My mother, who came with me to help me out, was so taken by the book she immediately purchased a copy. Then when people approached my table she would tell them a little about my novel and then direct the person to look at the display right next to me. “Look over here! This book is a work of art!” she would declare enthusiastically. Aren’t mothers supposed to be biased towards their children? This book is sooooooo unique it trumps maternal love.




Children’s Book That Melts Grown Up Hearts

Gail Daldy holding Things That Happen By Chance

I had the honour to meet Gail Dadly and experience her children’s book titled Things That Happen By Chance. It is based on photographs she took of her son when he was a toddler. Each page contains an important life lesson you learn in childhood. As soon as I opened the book to have a look, I was assaulted with a rush of emotions. Memories from days when my house was full of toddlers rushed forth. It took all my strength to contain myself and not start crying on the spot. This is a totally beautiful book to give or read to a child. But be aware that it will run away with a few grownup hearts.

That is only a sampling of some the unique and beautiful things I got to experience at Indie Author Day. Besides being inspired by the creative talents of other indie authors, I loved talking to readers and people just walking by. I had several conversations with people thinking about self publishing their own work, I hope I encouraged them. To all who picked up a copy of my novel …. thank you! And major thank you to the hard working people at the Vancouver Public Library.  Thank you for organizing a super event like Indie Author Day.

All photographs taken by my awesome husband: Marwan Hassan. He wasn’t wearing a unique artistic tie, but is super cool nevertheless.

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