Paper cutout stop motion animation 1

Turn Graffiti Hack into a dragon that slithers around and eats an extended hand. Just one of the visual images I had for my paper stop motion animation. Watch this video and then read the rest of the blog post to read the details of how I achieved the result.

This is my very first paper cutout stop motion animation. I had no idea what I was doing. Now that I had done it once I can see the many mistakes I made.

In preparation for this I started cutting out some of the basic shapes I was planning to use. In the end this wasn’t sufficient and I ended cutting out further things as I was taking photographs. Clearly I planned this poorly.

paper cutout stop motion animation

Paper cut-outs for the video

Here is the setup I had for taking pictures. I arranged things so that I was looking at things upside down which made it difficult for me. Another mistake I will avoid next time.

Stop motion animation setup

Stop motion animation setup

The video features the narration of Mary Knapp Parlange. She is a fantastic writer. You can visit her website here.

This was lots of work but felt satisfying. Plus I made mental notes on what to do differently next time.

Using paper cutout to create a book trailer seemed like a good idea. I tried to give the books some character. Give it a personality.

What is your favorite paper cutout stop motion animation?

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