How I became a writer :: Flamenco Dance Story

You can read a longer written down version of the story here.

This is my second foray into combining dance with storytelling. The last video focused on hand movements. This one is all about the feet. It was fun thinking up fun locations to film the walking sequences in. Which include:

  • Mosaic Creek Park in East Vancouver
  • Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver
  • Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver

I have vague ideas to make a video focused on dancing with a fan and another one focused on castanets. Fan and castanets being my two favorite flamenco dance props. But I don’t know how to bring it into reality. I need to squeeze my brain to get those ideas flowing.

After I finished uploading the video to youTube, I was seized by a horrible demon of indecision. Which image to use as a thumbnail for the video. I had two candidates. The colorful mosaic flooring you see below and the dreamy shot of floating skirt. Every once in a while I become obsessed with something. I can’t let it go. And I can’t decide. Two hours into this turmoil, I finally decided to just let internet decide for me. This is the type of moment when you realize how fantastic the internet is. I posted both images in facebook and twitter and let others decide for me. Funnily enough. Not one person voted for the colorful mosaic. The dreamy floating skirt won by a landslide. So thank you to everybody who rescued me from my indecision crisis yesterday.
Thank you: Bethany Murphy, Mary Knapp Parlange, Robin Yvonne, Stephen Aberle, Farnaz Ohadi,Marie-Line Bilodeau, Cyrena Huang, Mimi ALazzawi, Margo Lamont, Asila Salem Jafari and Matteo Saletti

The idea for this video was inspired in part by two sources.

Exotics by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

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